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How do you earn money on hub pages?

  1. Joe Andover profile image84
    Joe Andoverposted 5 years ago

    How do you earn money on hub pages?

  2. Liberum profile image50
    Liberumposted 5 years ago

    I think the main thing is to get more readers. As simple as that. Trough Hubpages, trough social networks and personal blogs. It's not an easy task at the beginning but I think you need just few months of patient work and writing here will give you some positive result and bring also some income. More readers = more money.

  3. profile image0
    HowIConqueredposted 5 years ago

    There are a plethora of articles on Hubpages that answer this question. If you plan on becoming a writer on hubpages it would be a good idea to start understanding the value of research. The question you've asked has been asked and answered thousands of times. Just search hubpages website and you will find your answer over and over.

  4. kohuether profile image76
    kohuetherposted 5 years ago

    The majority of my earnings so far come from the Hubpages ad program. How about you?

    1. kohuether profile image76
      kohuetherposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Also, I do keyword research and optimize each page for one keyword. I put the keyword in the title and maybe once in the body (unless it shows up more in a natural way). For example I just wrote a hub about an herb, and the kwrd was the herb name.

  5. drspaniel profile image88
    drspanielposted 5 years ago

    Write articles on a semi-frequent basis and hope to the high heavens someone stops off to visit. That's all there is to it.

    1. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image97
      Wesman Todd Shawposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      No, there is some technique to the laying out of the page, and then there are some really solid promotional techniques to use as well.

  6. J.S.Matthew profile image81
    J.S.Matthewposted 5 years ago

    Hello Joe! We earn money on HubPages through several Affiliate Advertising Programs (Ads) that are embedded in our Hub articles. If you write search engine friendly content there is no limit to how much money one can make over time. Check out this article to learn about the different Ad programs and how to sign up for them: http://hub.me/acBUd

    I hope this helps!


  7. aa lite profile image90
    aa liteposted 5 years ago

    Very slowly and painfully, but slowly increasing.

  8. Johnrr631992 profile image87
    Johnrr631992posted 5 years ago

    Write an article.. Cross your finger, Pray, and wait. If your lucky you will make money and get views over time. The biggest mistake new members make is posting a hub, not making money right away and giving up. DONT DO THAT to become successful smile. Set small goals.. Dont shoot for payout each month off the bat, say maybe .50 cents or a dollar a day, when you reach that, then shoot for higher. Thanks for your questions smile.