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Alternatives to Embedding Hubs??

  1. naeemebrahimjee profile image77
    naeemebrahimjeeposted 5 years ago

    Alternatives to Embedding Hubs??

    Hub Pages does not appear to allow users to "embed" their hubs into other websites. What are the alternatives if you want to display your hubs on a personal website?

    I am aware you can just place a hyperlink; but I am not after a link to a hub page article; but a way to view the article itself whilst the content stays original to Hubpages.

  2. Gamerelated profile image82
    Gamerelatedposted 5 years ago


    Use the HubPages widget.  Go into your My Account and then click get widget from the list on the left.  I know that the widget just displays links and it won't really embed your Hub, but it will give you a neat way of promoting your Hub on your personal page.  If you would like to see how the widget looks like in the context of a page please visit:  http://writerelated.tumblr.com/

    You can also write summaries of your Hub on your homepage with links to your Hub.  Anything more than a summary could be seen as duplicating content.  That is why I would advise against embedding a whole Hub.  Another idea might be to have some RSS widget on your page.  This widget can use your HubPages feed URL to generate some summaries on your page.  I think writing your own summaries could be preferable as you can control the anchor text on your outgoing links.  This could be helpful from an SEO perspective.

    1. naeemebrahimjee profile image77
      naeemebrahimjeeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi!  Great answer! Unfortunately these are all things I have considered, and to me it's just never going to simulate what I want....which is the article on my own site!

    2. cherylone profile image92
      cheryloneposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you for the answer, I was wondering the same thing.

  3. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 5 years ago

    There's not really a good way to do this unless you show it in a frame and not allow Google bots access to the frame. However, your hub's ad might be pulled into the frame (unless you write the code in such a way that it doesn't include the ads) and showing AdSense ads in frames is against AdSense TOS.

    There is a site that mirrors several hubs using frames, but the site allows Google to crawl them. Because of this, it's considered duplicate content.

    You could take a screenshot of your hubs and include the image on your blog.

    Creating a widget that would do this wouldn't be worthwhile to HubPages as it really wouldn't do anything for hubs.