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  1. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 8 years ago

    I notice that yet again, a new Hubber has just joined and started posting her content on the forums, not on Hubs.  And I seem to be regularly answering the question, "can you tell me where I post my content" or " I start a new Hub?"

    Yes, I know they should be reading the Help screens or the "read this thread first" etc, but at the same time, it suggests there's something missing on the entry screens if people are finding their way to the forums first, before anything else.  It may explain why so many new Hubbers seem to think forum life is more important than Hubbing. 

    IMO it's worth a critical look.

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    lolololololoposted 8 years ago


    so true, when an issue is so common, it suggests the cause i systemic, linking them to the  FAQ's everytime isnt a proper fix

    BUT, i just went through teh sign up process as a test and a reminder - it doesnt even force an email confirm before you get this screen

    so, it seems difficult to need help at this point

    but maybe they sign up and then take a while before considering writing there first hub?

    the first time you log in, you get this screen!

    Its pretty user friendly! ...perhaps some people just refuse to read and dont respond to visual cues (green means go!)