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How many active hubbers are there here realy?... I watch the news feed & I wonde

  1. stclairjack profile image84
    stclairjackposted 5 years ago

    How many active hubbers are there here realy?... I watch the news feed & I wonder

  2. Nellieanna profile image81
    Nellieannaposted 5 years ago

    Among the various headings one could explore on the top of the Hub page, there once was a heading called "Hubbers" which listed all of them, down to many who had never published anything and had no score whatsoever.

    I can't seem to find that heading with the actual list, but when I've been able to do so, there were many thousands of Hub members, though those who were really active were relatively MUCH fewer.  Members were listed by score, and those with scores of 100 were only about a dozen out of all the members at that time, with gradual increases in numbers of Hubbers as scores decreased.  However, those with scores in the 90s still represented relatively few compared to the entire membership. 

    Wish I could supply a more current and exact answer. Hopefully someone else will be able to!

  3. WryLilt profile image91
    WryLiltposted 5 years ago

    This link should give you an idea: www.hubpages.com/stats

    1. Nellieanna profile image81
      Nellieannaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks - that is valuable information.  :-)

  4. Goody5 profile image69
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    This is a good question, and there's no way that anyone could answer it with a single sentence. The hub pages keeps stats of who they consider to be active published users, or in lay-mens terms fellow hubbers. This information can be found by simply clicking on "about us" which you'll find located at the bottom of this, and most pages here at the hub pages. The numbers of public users here at the hub pages have been on the decline for some time now. I've been keeping track of these numbers, and in the last month alone we have lost 5,244 fellow hubbers (This is a fact). on September 9th there were 146,717 published users, and a month later on October 8th there were only 141,473 published users. Way back on August 5th 2011 there were 216,676 published users, and if you do the math you'll find out the same thing. I've even written a hub on what's happening, and I invite you to stop on by when you have time and read more about it - http://goody5.hubpages.com/hub/Google-vs-the-Hub-Pages  Happy hubbing!!!!

    1. Escobana profile image73
      Escobanaposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Interesting numbers next to the phrase: Over 50 Million people discover Hubpages every month.

      Very few actually stay around and publish actively if I link this to your answer. I feel I'm in the right place to be though and I make 2 dollars a month:)

  5. alphagirl profile image79
    alphagirlposted 5 years ago

    That is a good question. I notice the same people...I have been a year.
    I noticed like Nell Rose has been here 3 years. Has anyone been here longer?
    Of those who started with Hub Pages, how many are still here from the beginning
    of inception?
    I think many come on thinking," Wow, this is easy money. Anyone can write." But that is simply not true. This is a place where you have to put in great content, pics and invest time.

  6. Sinea Pies profile image77
    Sinea Piesposted 5 years ago

    Great question. Since many were hit hard with various Google changes, maybe there are less. I've had to pare back, though I still love HubPages and have no plans on leaving. Just spending a bit more time where the money is coming in.

  7. Millionaire Tips profile image91
    Millionaire Tipsposted 5 years ago

    Your news feed may not provide you with the most accurate information, since it is populated mostly by topics and people that you follow. You may be missing out on the most prolific writers simply because you don't follow the Hubber or the topics that they write about.

    WryLit provided a link to www.hubpages.com/stats which should give you the most recent information.  Keep in mind though, that since the idling of hubs, people who were not doing well here may have left, and HP may have been working on deleting inactive members behind the scenes.