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What top 5 pieces of advice would you give new hubbers on how to improve their h

  1. sholland10 profile image93
    sholland10posted 5 years ago

    What top 5 pieces of advice would you give new hubbers on how to improve their hubs?

  2. Lorne Hemmerling profile image91
    Lorne Hemmerlingposted 5 years ago

    Since tags are no longer relevant to top search engines, and not available in hubs anymore, the titles and summaries are very important for increased traffic. I read in one hub in the learning centre where, summaries are like a trailer for a movie, very true! They either make you want to click on or just pass by. I find everytime my hubs get stale, changing the summaries, helps enormously. In fact almost as soon as I am done editing, presto, more hits. Changing the title obtains the same results. Keep the titles short and content specific. Not easy to do sometimes! As writers, we tend to want to let the world know what we can do. Keep them to the point. Well placed pictures, videos, any graphics that follow the story line are essential, or at least break up the text. The Hubtool has many ways to modify your hubs. Get to know them!

    1. SarahLynnB profile image59
      SarahLynnBposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I notice when I tweak my hubs traffic climbs significantly. However, a day later regardless of the change, traffic just falls back down. It only seems to be a temporary spike in traffic.

    2. Lorne Hemmerling profile image91
      Lorne Hemmerlingposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Sarah, yes I agree, it seems to be temporary. I try to make changes often to keep the traffic up. I really think the trick for increased sustained traffic is to treat your hubs as a job, spending 8 hours a day. I am convinced the top hubbers do.

  3. safiq ali patel profile image73
    safiq ali patelposted 5 years ago

    Hi Sholland. Good question. I would say:
    1, visit your hub regularly and take a look at the information that comes up under the stats tab. This info will give you details to help you focus and fine tune your hub.
    2, Comb your hubs for mistakes regularly.
    3, Build more hubs on the same top with some new detail.
    4, If new detail comes up related to your hub topics add this new detail to your hubs.
    5, Post or add original photos and video to improve your hub.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.

  4. prektjr.dc profile image87
    prektjr.dcposted 5 years ago

    My top 5 pieces of advice:
    1.  Read, read, read your hub.  Read it out loud, read it when you are rested, and read it when you are free from distractions.  Read it a week later, a month later and a season later.
    2.  Correct mistakes in spelling.  Use your spell check!  Then copy and paste into a Word document, and use the spell check there!  Have a friend or loved one check the spelling for you.  Spelling words correctly is essential! 
    3.  Check the grammar.  Just as important as spelling is grammar.  If you are not sure of the grammar, ask.  Ask a friend or another hubber to check your hubs for correct grammar.  It is crucial to have your grammar correct in order to make your points effectively.
    4.  Make your point!  If you take the time to follow through and make your point, then your final product will be more successful.  Random, rambling hubs are great for getting things off of your chest, but they are dead weight in the world of success.
    5.  Write what you know and enjoy.  Even if you THINK you know what you are talking about, take the time to confirm your facts and make sure you have solid information.  Writing about subjects with which you are familiar, makes your writing more meaningful and therefore, more successful.  If you learn something new, then add it in.  Take the time to go back and update your information.  It keeps your writing valid.  If you write what you enjoy, it will show in your hubs and they will be more meaningful to others.

    Good question!  Hmmm.....I think I might need to take some of my own advice and do some updating!

    1. Lorne Hemmerling profile image91
      Lorne Hemmerlingposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Great advice!

  5. Nationette profile image70
    Nationetteposted 3 years ago

    Take a week away from them, and then read them out loud to yourself, for  grammatical quality and editing purposes anyway... and people watching and listening, figure out what people in the world are talking about, and write about that... then post it to a social media source, thats always helped with my traffic at least.

    I get nervous about rules though and I can't think of a 5 point list, but i hoped that helped