Will starting your own website generate more revenue?

  1. gorilla24 profile image71
    gorilla24posted 5 years ago

    Will starting your own website generate more revenue?

  2. dailytop10 profile image92
    dailytop10posted 5 years ago

    It does. However, such approach requires more time and effort since you need to establish a name. Improving your PR on a certain keyword nowadays is never easy especially with all the competition. Without deep grasp about effective SEO strategies, you're likely to fail. On the other hand, sites like squidoo and hubpages are perfect for pure writers. Stick on a certain niche, write quality articles about it, optimize it with high-paying keywords, and leave the rest to the host site. Have a great day and good luck!

  3. Bretsuki profile image79
    Bretsukiposted 5 years ago

    Yes having your own website or blog does earn you more money.

    There are many more ways to earn revenue from websites today. HubPages is a little narrow in its choices.

    I would recommend that if you have time and a niche that you give it a try. Be prepared for it to take two or three years for a site to build in traffic to allow you to earn any real income above the hobby level.

    You do need dedication but in the end if you have enough stamina it can pay dividends.