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How to go ahead with 'interlinking hub posts' to gain more traffic

  1. younghopes profile image75
    younghopesposted 5 years ago

    How to go ahead with 'interlinking hub posts' to gain more traffic

    I have read a lot on 'interlinking hub posts' to gain more traffic but I am pretty confused as to what should be the right strategy to do the same, so that all hubs are related to each other. If for example I have written more than hundred hubs how will I go ahead with interlinking even though I start from initial hubs because it is quite difficult to remember all the hubs at the time of one writing a new hub. Please fellow hubbers help me out, I just don't know the right strategy. thanks all

  2. JanMaklak profile image77
    JanMaklakposted 5 years ago

    I link Hubs in 3 ways. 
    1.  You can use the link module and link posts by adding the web address in the link and the text you wish to display.  The summary of your post will show up as well.

    2.  On the right in the same section as the summary you can join hubs together under the group tab.  So if you have several hubs of one genre you could group them together and at the end of the article you will see a next and previous box.  Readers can see your next article snippet and may wish to check it out.

    3.  Create a document in MS Word with links and put it in a text module. This way you can have a cut and paste solution to add a number of links.  Please feel free to see what I have done on some of my photography hubs.  You'll get what I have done quickly. 
    Use a combination of these to maximize your views.

    Some other tips:
    Use the referral tracker at the very bottom of the page. Where it says "Link to this page"  If anyone signs up as an author you may be able to get a small percentage on a recurring basis

    Add a capsule like I have to get potential authors to sign up as well.

    Develop a large twitter following.  I wrote a hub on how to do this.

    Get a facebook page to refer your friends to your hubs.  My  automated message on Twitter refers people to see my facebook page and I now have almost 600 facebook fans who I post a snippet of an article to get more people to this site. 

    Write a lot of articles to get more views.  Each article is an entry point from the web so the more you write the more views you will get and linking can almost double your views. 

    Hope that helps!!

    1. younghopes profile image75
      younghopesposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      thank you so much for this detailed answer, you have helped me out in such a big way, thanks again, I m going to read your hubs and then follow as you have told.

  3. JanMaklak profile image77
    JanMaklakposted 5 years ago

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