1. einstein53 profile image60
    einstein53posted 13 years ago

    hi!   i asked a question, that was really a satirical take on dumb questions that people ask. I couldn't find any humor categories to fit it in, so i put it in sociology (or words to that effect) topic.  yes, it had profanity , but i didn't spell it out i just used symbols to get the one word across to the reader? I received no notice ,that it was inappropriate.  i received np notice that it wasn't good enough to publish.  i couldn't find it until i looked at my hubtivity and saw  that my question"How the FWIK? was removed by moderator.  I would just like to know if u thought it was unworthy of being published, violated a rule or was in the wrong group.  it was meant to be a funny personal observation of some people.  please tell me, what the problem was.  i have discussed this topic How the FWIK?
    (that i wrote about on ur hubpage)  with others and they were laughing so hard.  Maybe i wrote it wrong??  thanks for any help

  2. Uninvited Writer profile image78
    Uninvited Writerposted 13 years ago

    Your question can be removed for many reasons.

    If you want to ask those sort of questions maybe it's better to ask them in the forum.

    There are some pretty stupid, inane question's asked and I'm pretty sure HubPages is trying to weed out some of them. That's not to say yours was but I'm guessing that is the criteria.

  3. einstein53 profile image60
    einstein53posted 13 years ago

    thanks for your answer.  The question was actually rhetorical in nature, so i guess i put it in the wrong category.  it was a humorous observation on human behavior, meant to be funny to people who have friends that ask questions like the one i wrote the hub about.  i guess me and my friends are the only people who find this characteristic in some people, amusing.  Do you think that my hub entitled "How the FWIK?" was not at all relevant to the quirky nature of people?  I don't remember where i posted that hub, maybe there is a place for it.  I thought forum was for hubbers to interact and talk about hubbing, not for a humorous little paragraph about human nature.  maybe, i just find some things funny, that no one else does.Can't write good stuff all the time.  i just started writing, here, on hubpages, for the 1st time, ever.  i have never taken a writing class, don't consider myself a writer.  I just am alone almost all of the time and i decided to give hub pages a try.  I am writing my ideas down on paper, but am leery, to write  about a lot of it because i think my stuff belongs in humor or i write about my spiritual experiences, which are a large part of who i am.  There is the irreverent part of me that finds human beings and their antics, ridiculous at times, inexplicable at other times and often superficial and not at all important , in the scheme of things.  it does hurt, when i put my insides out there and someone considers it unworthy of publication.  I'll keep at it.  Maybe , i'll answer questions for a while and see if i can elicit one comment from someone.  if i can't , maybe i should try another way to be creative.  Writing has just recently become something that i feel compelled to do.  Maybe i should just keep a journal, as i have no training and doubt my ability to write anything of interest, at this point. I don't write to inform, i write to keep myself from retreating into a total world of isolation, locked into self and no way to really connect, on a similiar level, to other human beings. Scary business.  What would anyone out there suggest i do, to start learning how to connect with readers and writers?  i joined a couple fan clubs, but nothing changed. I don't want to give up.  I am an auditory learner, so anything technically written here, on how to be successful or get responses, won't help me.  I would just like a few simple suggestions on how to best get readers.
    Thanks for your time and i wish you continued success


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