Removal of a hub shown on google,

  1. Glenn S. profile image55
    Glenn S.posted 8 years ago

    Hi Can you help me

    These two hubs have been either deleted or modified, and incorrect. I would like to have them removed from google search, and have the modified Hub appear.

    1. Squirrels on the attack by Glenn Spitsbergen - Cached
    The title is I have squirrels in my attic by Glenn Spitsbergen

    2. This article has been deleted, it also can not be removed from google search.
    Life Experience - Self-Education & Knowledge: Knowledge ... Squirrels on the attack by Glenn Spitsbergen by Glenn S. ... Indians have succeeded in other countries but failed in India ..?posted by subrahmanian, 11, directsaurabh ... All my articles are my own opinions based on my life experience. ... - Cached

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    ryankettposted 8 years ago

    Unpublish the hubs, republish the hubs as desired. As simple as that; if google search is showing an incorrect introduction text, this will change in due course.... this cannot be done manually and is not instant....