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Views and quality assesment procces.

  1. jsquirrel profile image61
    jsquirrelposted 5 years ago

    Views and quality assesment procces.

    I was wondering if while a hub is undergoing the quality assesment procces will the ammount of views your hub gets be added to your statistics? Im wondering because I was getting a few views each day now the hubs that are still pending are getting now views? Another question is I had 117 views then the next day I had 111 views. How come? Thanks.

  2. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 5 years ago

    Hello jsquirrel. A great question. More than likely those of more experience than I have that answer. Seeking the answer there at the 'Answer section of Hubpages' is a great method of discovery.

    From my experience and using inference when I publish an article I notice readership before the hub is even finished at times. My deductive reasoning is someone at the Leadership or Corporate level is reading it, whether an employee or volunteer or I have no idea, actually.

    So, here is my take as novice as it is. the first question in a general statement is 'Yes.' However the exposure of that article is limited to indexing within Hubpages the entity and the hubber's facilitating marketing tools - Social Media outlets.

    Once the wizardry of established programming, which constantly is tweaked seeking optimum performance of articles in general for market share, takes hold with categorizing potential, e.g. a Featured Hub, then Google Takes over. Again, it is programming, indexing, categorizing the article potential for marketability within a determined market place by criteria(s).

    The hubber has power within that scope with the choice of title, opening imagery, and where a choice places it in a search engine stratum - the initial long tail connections of categorizes the interest of the article. That is done with the Topic Selection Process. A choice is made of Topic.

    Then additional choices are drilled down toward a specific for the market place. Those choices will guide those bots and programming niches and tweaks to seek the optimized opportunities for that initial progamming inputs. Those programming choices are of the hubber, not hubpages or Google.

    Sometimes just a change of title or imagery or that initial programming prompts made by the hubber may lead to more potential market place opportunities.

    It is good to wonder jsquirrel. That leads as this hubber likes to say to pondering. Then comes researching through asking questions. Finally answers are sought through some means - one on one, group, organizations, enterprises, educational assistance and guidance, and even government agencies too. Yet it all bears down on the individual, who may spend a few hours at their laptop, PC, or even smartphone or android. (Odd names, eh?) seeking through independent research those answers to questions

    What is cool is we have the opportunity to market those answers sought through hubpages. It may be how to install a faucet easily 1 - 2 - 3, using metaphors in prose

  3. SidKemp profile image94
    SidKempposted 5 years ago

    I've noticed these three things:
    1) It seems that the views we make ourselves when we finish editing a hub are counted in the first 24 hours when the hub is published. So if I go in and out of a hub a lot right before publishing it, it counts more views. I ignore these, as they are not actual readers.

    2) Two weeks ago, I wrote a hub about a friend of a friend, and two people posted the hub on Facebook before it was out of moderation. The views generated as a result were definitely counted.

    3) The tracking of views (and also ad revenue) appears to go through an automatic quick count, then gets re-checked by some kind of internal audit process on HubPages. That is why numbers sometimes go down.

    In my opinion, the fluctuations are almost always too small to worry about.

  4. Savio Dawson profile image85
    Savio Dawsonposted 5 years ago


    The views will be added to your stats. You can notice this quite easily. Once you publish your hub you should see the numbers showing under the 1 day column, even before it is featured.

    Also, HP itself recommends you to share your work even before the Quality Assessment is complete, so the traffic is definitely added.

    On the count decreasing part, I am not certain how that happened. I have yet to come across such a situation.