How many views does your average hub get?

  1. passthejelly profile image79
    passthejellyposted 7 years ago

    How many views does your average hub get?

  2. Winterfate profile image97
    Winterfateposted 7 years ago

    Well, my average views per hub, based on my current number of hubs, is about 9 every 24 hours, but I have one that's getting 100+ views every 24 hours currently, and have some that are total duds (1 view or none at all).

    Now, if you're talking about the lifetime views...that's all over the place so I can't give you a solid number.

    My hub that has gotten the most views ever is at around 4000 lifetime views.

  3. Judicastro profile image60
    Judicastroposted 7 years ago

    I would say my average is about 9 a day. Unlike winterfate I have not gotten as many as she has. My most read hub received close to only 250