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Maps in Hubs?

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    Zpullinposted 4 years ago

    Maps in Hubs?

    On my second hub, http://zpullin.hubpages.com/hub/Beer-an … -Colorado, I've used maps for the locations. I feel they are unnecessary and detract from the hubs overall flow. I could use some more opinions. I am considering one map at the end with pins for each place, or simply relying on viewers ability to use Google maps, or mapquest.

    I apologize for any oddities, posted from my phone.


  2. tonymead60 profile image93
    tonymead60posted 4 years ago

    If I am writing about a specific place, then I like to add a map as I realise that there may be a few unfortunate people in the world who don't know where Yorkshire is. I have no idea where Colorado is other than somewhere in America. Therefore a map is useful.

  3. Ceres Schwarz profile image22
    Ceres Schwarzposted 4 years ago

    Maps are actually a good idea for hubs where you can use them such as in pointing out where a place can be found. While it's true that readers can just go to Google maps to find a place, it would be much easier and convenient for them if they can already see a map right in your hub. That means they won't have to go elsewhere just to find a map if they're looking for one.

    Also, there are many other people who might come across your hub but have no idea where the place you're talking about, like Colorado, is located so a map would definitely help them. For instance, they could be from other countries or they're visiting Colorado for the first time, etc. In this case, a map would be of much use to them. So maps can actually be necessary in hubs that talk about places.

    I looked at your hub and I didn't think the maps were unnecessary. They are, after all, helping the readers by telling them where the places are so if they want to go there, they can refer to the map.

  4. Marcy Goodfleisch profile image98
    Marcy Goodfleischposted 4 years ago

    It's great of you to evaluate the maps and see if they're accomplishing what you intend.  Without looking at your hub, I'm only guessing, but it sounds like the idea of only one map with pins would work for you. 

    Best of luck with your hubbing!

  5. Stephanie Henkel profile image97
    Stephanie Henkelposted 4 years ago

    I agree that too many maps can be distracting. Photographs are more visually appealing. 

    Like you, I often place one map at the end of my hub with pins for multiple locations. That has the added advantage of showing how far each place is from the other in case the reader is interested in visiting several of the attractions mentioned.

    In the case of your Beer and Burgers hub, I think your idea of placing one map at the end of your hub is a good idea, but I'd suggest placing an address within the text about each location. I enjoyed your hub, by the way!

  6. Abby Campbell profile image96
    Abby Campbellposted 4 years ago

    I've been in the Apprenticeship program for about 5 months now, and it is highly suggested to use Maps if they are useful. I know that they are useful for me when it comes to dining, hiking, or doing some sort of activity. It gives me ideas for future planning.