Why is my brand new hubscore decreasing?

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    Vincent Potterposted 4 years ago

    Why is my brand new hubscore decreasing?

    Hey everybody, I'm a brand new user! I recently posted my first hub and had it marked as featured with a score of 78 (is that decent?) and I haven't really done anything else yet. However, my hubscore on my profile has been somewhat steadily decreasing since I made my account earlier today. Why is this happening? This question was sort of asked previously, but I'm more worried about the quality of my hub - is it not up to par?

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!

  2. zeusspeak profile image78
    zeusspeakposted 4 years ago

    Vincent, went through your hub, first of all any hub with two or more links to an external site is strongly discourage at the HP. Do not make your hub look like a promotional piece. It is your piece of writing, a creative output not a link-building avenue.
    The hub was good and had lot of information. Do not worry as the hub score is contingent on several factors like dropping traffic, views and other such things. You cannot have a static hub score, they will fluctuate as a result of many factors. Just keep on posting hub of high quality.
    Another thing, if your hub is not search-friendly and getting least attention, then most probably the score will drop down. So, it is better to diversify your writing than dominating a niche. It will grab more eyeballs of fellow hubbers.
    One golden advice which I have got from fellow hubbers: Do not worry about either hub score or hub author score. Keep the content part high and the rest will take care of itself. Good luck Vincent for your future endeavours!

    1. Vincent Potter profile image75
      Vincent Potterposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Really? I thought it would increase my hubscore if I linked to various pages that provided my information! Good thing somebody told me that.
      Thanks a lot Zuesspeak, that was a perfect answer.

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