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Earning on HP, is it a fashion, or passion ?

  1. AUPADHYAY profile image38
    AUPADHYAYposted 4 years ago

    Earning on HP, is it a fashion, or passion ?

    Sometimes, I think that why I am running behind earnings on HP, sometimes it comes in my mind that earnings is the encouragement towards my writing hobby. Sometimes I imagine that running behind earnings will make me a professional which may reduce the ability of writing. I feel much encouraged when I read comments on my hubs. It really gives pleasure to me which is more valuable than that of money. But I could not reached at the exact point as to find the correct answer.


  2. Mackinreviews profile image74
    Mackinreviewsposted 4 years ago

    It is definitely more of a passion. For me, I started out thinking, hey! good idea to make a little extra money! Seriously though, I don't even really look at that anymore, it is nice, but it is more of just a little bonus than anything. I enjoy writing on hubpages, much more than I originally expected to. I have a goal of 1000 hubs, currently I am only at 31, I am far from it, but my goal is for the simple fact that, as I write, I also learn more and Knowledge is power! I think it is the same for a lot of people. It starts out as a money maker, and turns into a passion without you really realizing it, it just slowly progresses into a burning desire to "hub" the more you do..

    Thanks for the question! It is definitely something to reflect upon for some people!

    1. AUPADHYAY profile image38
      AUPADHYAYposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Your views are really appreciable my friend Mackinreviews. I think, more or less, keeping in view the central idea of writing articles or hubs on HP, without prejudice to make money from it, will enriched a writer with his intellectual power. Thanks

  3. emilynemchick profile image96
    emilynemchickposted 4 years ago

    Personally, I just love having a forum and an audience for my writing. I recently activated the earning option and it's fun to see my earnings increase, even though they are pitifully small. Mostly I enjoy watching my traffic rising.

    If I was on hubpages just to earn money, I think I would have given up by now.