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More views, less earnings??

  1. Ronwan profile image71
    Ronwanposted 4 years ago

    More views, less earnings??

    I have been getting more views the past few days.
    As I have just 2 featured Hubs at present my total views were mostly 3-5 each day, but now they increased to 5-10 each day.
    So, that almost doubled.

    My earnings of the AD-program used to be a steady $0,03-0,05 per day, but now that my views increased my earnings dropped to $0.01 or even $0,00 per day !!

    What can be the cause of this??

    I realise we are speaking about cents, but in % it is quitte high !!

  2. profile image94
    Robbie C Wilsonposted 4 years ago

    Your CPM (how much you earn per 1,000 views) will vary each day. This will cause your earnings to fluctuate even if the impressions stay the same. How HubPages calculates the CPM is a secret that only they know.

  3. Relationshipc profile image87
    Relationshipcposted 4 years ago

    I have had the same issue. I had been consistently earning over $1/day, and then my views increased and my earning decreased to under $1. The only thing I've noticed is that I have an * beside the earnings, which may mean that there is still hope that it will work out to more money for more traffic. Do you have an asterisk by your earnings?

  4. VirginiaLynne profile image97
    VirginiaLynneposted 4 years ago

    You won't really get a good feel on earnings until you have a lot of hubs.  Earnings flux ute all the time based on the type of traffic you get.  Write more!

  5. Imogen French profile image86
    Imogen Frenchposted 4 years ago

    I think it may partly depend on how much HP are earning from advertising revenue on that day - we only see a tiny percentage of that, but if they get less then we also get less per view

  6. Ronwan profile image71
    Ronwanposted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the replies so far.

    I know 2 Hubs is not much, but the earnings of $0.03-0.05 with just 3-5 views a day have been like this for a long time, consistently.
    The drop down have been for a week now as well so it seems to be structural and not just a daily fluctuation.

    That's what wonders me ......

    Anyway, i will try to make some more Hubs and see what happens.

  7. robhampton profile image96
    robhamptonposted 3 years ago


    As you can see my traffic is increasing,  but I am convinced that there is a virtual cap on earnings and cpm.  A substantial increase in traffic everyday and cpm has dropped everyday.  So if I get a million views would the cpm be like .00000003? I don't get it.