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Inflated google adsense reports me £437 in one day, then took it back.

  1. billericky profile image62
    billerickyposted 4 years ago

    Inflated google adsense reports me £437 in one day, then took it back.

    I made $437 yesterday according to google adsense reports. Is anybody else experiencing inflated daily reports just to see it reduced throughout the next day.

  2. wqaindia profile image80
    wqaindiaposted 4 years ago

    As per guess this might be due to invalid click bombing activity that might have been reversed by the google adsense. In such cases senior hubbers and adsense publishers advise that the affected publisher should report the invalid activity at https://support.google.com/adsense/trou … 0500?hl=en

    1. ChristinS profile image94
      ChristinSposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      ^ This - unfortunately, people will do this to try to sabotage other people's sites/adsense accounts.  Be sure they know you aren't responsible for the fraudulent activity (they probably do, report it anyway)

  3. janshares profile image95
    jansharesposted 4 years ago

    Yes, I experienced the same, thought I made the largest earnings I'd ever had in one day since at HP. I was shocked but I did not want to jinx it so I didn't celebrate. Come to find that the amount dropped by almost 50%. Bummer, bummer, bummaaaahhh!!