What was the last hub you read that really intrigued you?

  1. Kathleen Odenthal profile image94
    Kathleen Odenthalposted 3 years ago

    What was the last hub you read that really intrigued you?

    I was thinking we could start a post where everyone puts a link to the hub they last read that really intrigued them (NOT their hub - this is not about self promotion)! Only post other hubbers work so we can keep the post going. If you want, just put a link to the hub, and then next person can post their link and so on. If you feel like it, tell us what you liked about the hub.

    Here is the latest hub that I am reading - posted by BillyBuc : http://billybuc.hubpages.com/hub/How-To … p-Tutorial

    I have been really loving his hubs on perfecting my craft!

  2. lmoyer92 profile image78
    lmoyer92posted 3 years ago

    It's funny that I happened to come across this question, since the last hub I read was yours.
    http://kathleenodenthal.hubpages.com/hu … chitecture
    Many of you may already have seen this hub since it's currently the hub of the day, but if you haven't done so already, I recommend it.
    Not only is the hub insightful, but if you truly read it to learn, you'll spend much more time gazing at artwork to discover what the deeper meaning behind each painting and sculpture may have been.