Pseudonym on HibPages and blogs?

  1. Niko Linni profile image87
    Niko Linniposted 3 years ago

    Pseudonym on HibPages and blogs?

    Something I've been wondering about is using a Pseudonym on Blogging sites and on HubPages. I'll be honest and state that I'm not using my real name, and taking that even a step further by hiding what I look like via the use of an online avatar. Is this something someone should do, or should bloggers and content creators always be out with their names, or at the very least, how they look?

  2. Digital MD profile image93
    Digital MDposted 3 years ago

    I've read on some discussions that it is better to use your real name and real picture. The main advantage is the fact that it will help give you real online presence and establish your "personal brand". There are several known/long-time hubbers that are not using their real name though.