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Google +1 deleting accounts if you do not use your real name

  1. 2uesday profile image83
    2uesdayposted 6 years ago

    As there are members on HubPages like myself who use a pen name for their profile here, do you think that the step by Google to delete accounts of people who register for Plus One in anything other than their real name will eventually roll out to embrace other types of Google accounts?

    I found this (see link below) and it has sparked my curiosity about how it might eventually affect me and others who prefer not to write under their real names. I write under this name rather than my every day name for no sinister or hidden reason, I just prefer it that way.


  2. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 6 years ago

    Facebook also requires your real name but obviously people do not follow that.

    I don't have a problem with that. I link to my articles on Facebook and use my real name. It doesn't change anything for me.

  3. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 6 years ago

    You are talking about Google Plus, not Google +1 tongue

    And while Google is making the move towards identities, it is not particularly hard to create a 'false' identity online if you really want to.

    1. 2uesday profile image83
      2uesdayposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I am sorry I was not aware that there were the two with similar names. Thank you for pointing this out to me and apologies if I confused anyone with my post.

      Why I wonder have the two with such similar names.

  4. 2uesday profile image83
    2uesdayposted 6 years ago

    I suppose I am in the minority but I have not signed up to social network sites such as Facebook nor Twitter. So maybe to me this seems different to someone who has experience of them.

    I am aware that social networking is a way of promoting on-line writing but even that has not encouraged me to take the step to join them.

    1. IzzyM profile image90
      IzzyMposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I think that social networking is controlled by Big Brother and is being used as a means to control the population.
      This bit about you MUST use your real name, you MUST use your real date of birth, and oh what school did you go to, and when?

      Suddenly the authorities have a perfect tool for tracking everybody on the planet, and if you think they don't track us, read my hub about the top 10 Incredibly Stupid things People have done on Facebook.

      Then for those of us who are hesitant to join, there has been a push towards social networking for all web writers. "If you don't join this, your site will plummet in the rankings, no matter how well-written and informative".

      Words to that effect.

      I am a member of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. But I am very wary of them all, and only tend to use them for promotion, if I can. Oh and playing Angry Birds on Google+. How do I get by level 3/15?

      1. EmpressFelicity profile image76
        EmpressFelicityposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        My first thought when reading your "top 10" was "serve the stupid b******s right" lol And what about that looter in the riots who posted a photo of himself and his haul? D'oh!

        Having said that, I do agree with you and I'm very twitchy about the increased emphasis on online social networking - an emphasis that is getting stronger all the time at HubPages, had you noticed?

        It's turning the Internet from a very introvert-friendly place into one that will be more hostile to introverts than real life, because if anything, the level of "visibility" and the lack of boundaries will be even more pronounced.

        I think that if you want to work under a pseudonym then Twitter is the best option but it's a bit restricted due to the 140 character per post limit.

        1. IzzyM profile image90
          IzzyMposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          This is exactly one of the points I have noticed. It is being actively encouraged,not only here but everywhere online. I don't like it. I don't want fame, just the fortune will do. if I ever write that book I keep meaning to start, it will be under a pseudonym too.
          And your point is bang on - it is increasing, the pressure to use social networking. All very subtle but getting stronger.

          1. EmpressFelicity profile image76
            EmpressFelicityposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            Ever read a book called Blind Faith by Ben Elton?

            Scary, scary stuff.

  5. Dolores Monet profile image99
    Dolores Monetposted 6 years ago

    I am not sure that I understand this whole thing. Is it only for Google + ?  My pen name is certainly more well known than my real one. And splashing your real information online is a security risk. How many of our articles have been stolen? Do we need to publicize our personal information for any creep to abuse?

    1. Jane@CM profile image61
      Jane@CMposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I'm not changing my name for anyone.  I need a certain sense of privacy as everyone does. 

      There use to be threads in certain forums that asked questions like what is your mothers maiden name, your first dogs name, - things like this are used, so if you ever come up on a forum thread that is a "game" with all sorts of personal questions, don't play the game.

      What is google plus and google +1?

      1. thisisoli profile image72
        thisisoliposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Google Plus is Google's latest social media offering. Google +1 is Google's version of facebook likes or 'Diggs'.

  6. Uninvited Writer profile image83
    Uninvited Writerposted 6 years ago

    I believe that social networks expect your real name because they are trying to cut down on spammers and crooks. If you don't want strangers to know your real name, only add real friends.

    1. EmpressFelicity profile image76
      EmpressFelicityposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      If I understand things correctly, you can set up a Facebook* account under your real name and which is restricted to close friends/family, and then set up separate "pages" under pseudonyms which are away from your main profile and have a wider potential membership who won't have access to your private profile.

      How do you know that the privacy settings aren't going to "creep" so that suddenly everyone who subscribes to your pages can see all or part of the info. on your profile?

      *or Google Plus, when it's rolled out to everyone.

  7. Dolores Monet profile image99
    Dolores Monetposted 6 years ago

    Some time ago, a helpful person suggested to keep one's own  name online for reasons of business and so you don't get mixed up. Well, now I am mixed up. I am not sure who I am in different places, and suspect that the real me is being devoured by the false me. But I do nothing wrong when using my pen name, so spamming, spinning, copying, or anything that could be construed as inappropriate.

  8. profile image0
    Home Girlposted 6 years ago

    Do you still believe into "privacy" on Facebook and others?
    We'll all be there, whether you like it or not.
    Enjoy the ride.

  9. Mark Ewbie profile image89
    Mark Ewbieposted 6 years ago

    I can't see how they can tell it's a real name or not at present.  Not until we have to enter ID details in order to confirm.  Come to think of it they always want your phone number don't they?

    I don't believe the spam, crook business.  They (Google) are happy to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about sites that copy content or sites that contain viruses.  They only want money, obviously.

    The real ID thing just makes it easier to bring you into a world where the searches are 'tailored' to you, and the adverts and even your fake friends will be.

    All about marketing. Take it away and what do you really have?  Some poxy phone stuff where you can squint at a screen which tells what your fake friend did and by the way did you know they like buying some Amazon crap.

    That's it.

    By the way - do you know who the biggest abuser of plagiarized content is on the web?  Yes, our friendly multi coloured logo search monopoly.

    Would you really want to give your real name to these people?

    Anyway, relax.  The internet is a great place to find anything thanks to Google. Pornography and torture pictures mostly, but also fake IDs.  A booming market I expect.