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At what rank should a hub be deleted, or should they all be retained?

  1. Blackspaniel1 profile image77
    Blackspaniel1posted 2 years ago

    At what rank should a hub be deleted, or should they all be retained?

    I would like to know if my overall rating is more important than the number of hubs, making lower hubs expendable.

  2. favored profile image38
    favoredposted 2 years ago

    That's a good question.  I don't want to delete so of mine either, but seems ridiculous to keep working on them.

  3. aesta1 profile image90
    aesta1posted 2 years ago

    I want to know the answer to this as well so rather than revising hubs, I'd rather use the time for something more productive.

  4. Au fait profile image94
    Au faitposted 2 years ago

    I deleted a couple of mine and my hubber score was dropped several points immediately, I assume to register unhappiness of the powers that be here.  That was over a year ago (been here 4 years).  One of the hubs wasn't getting much traffic and the other was considered objectionable because it had a bad word in it -- s-e-x.

    I republished one of them on another site.

    When you delete your hubs you should be aware that all the page views that hub got will be removed from your total pageviews.  So for example, if you've thus far had 50,000 page views total of all your hubs, the 200 or whatever from the deleted hub will be taken away.

    We should all work on our hubs keeping them up to date and of course looking for typos and grammatical errors, but the main reason an article doesn't get views is because the title is bad.  Read that in the Learning Center for yourself if you like.

    What you need to do is think about the information in your hub and ask yourself WHAT WORDS WOULD I PUT IN THE SEARCH BOX if I were looking for this information.  Use those words, dull and boring as they may seem, in your title.

    Be honest.  When you search for information on Google, do you put cutesy, or sophisticated titles in the box?  I bet you don't.  Neither does anyone else.  Save those cool titles for the headings on your capsules if you must keep them.  Google indexes using capsule headings too, so you may even want to use them some other way.

    You aren't writing for a slick flashy magazine that will call out to customers waiting in line at the check-out.  Use dull boring words that actually tell people your information is what they're looking for.  The title is everything.

    I don't recommend deleting any articles/hubs.  You can always change the content, photos, etc. to something related but different if you must, but deleting will lower all your scores for a time.  Been there, done that.

    Mainly the hub/hubber scores are for management.  They never will fess up to exactly what is included in their makeup.  Yes, they've mentioned a few things here and there, but they have previously made clear that it's a secret formula and they're not telling.  Write the best you can, choose great titles that beckon readers with information they're looking for, and forget about the scores.  They'll just give you a headache trying to figure them out and discourage you if you take them too seriously. 

    There are lots of forum discussions about these issues.  Dig them up and read them.