How do you earn over $500 on hubpages?

  1. SerenityHalo profile image95
    SerenityHaloposted 3 years ago

    How do you earn over $500 on hubpages?

  2. Express10 profile image87
    Express10posted 3 years ago

    With lots of writing, promotion and some luck. It varies upon your specific efforts, topics, and your personal choice of the ways you earn money on HP. Also, you will need a lot of views, not just a few thousand to earn over $500 in any given timeframe. I know my answer seems vague but there truly are so many variables, some of which are personal to you that anyone answering here would not know about to help you. This is why so many people who ask about earning/specific dollar amounts here on HP get frustrated when there is no definite 1, 2, 3, type answer but earning just $500 truly does vary from hubber to hubber.

    Some suggestions for you would be for you to create hubs that are easy to read and understand that use proper English. Use photos, video, infographics, polls, quizzes, etc. Write about topics that are actually being searched for in the search engines and promote your hubs online and off to get more traffic and boost your earnings. Some hubs are hits as far as earnings go and others are misses, you may already have found that just a few of your hubs are bringing in the bulk of your traffic and earnings.

  3. FatFreddysCat profile image100
    FatFreddysCatposted 3 years ago

    Do you mean $500 per month? Per week? Per year? Either way, here's my standard answer to this question

    If you are an amazingly talented writer with enough time to write hundreds of fascinating Hubs AND you also have ninja-level SEO skills to promote them and draw traffic to them, you might -- note I said MIGHT -- make $500 here after a while. Otherwise, you're just gonna make beer money (if you're lucky).

    I'm not tryin' to pee on your corn flakes, I'm just being honest.