How do you respond to angry,obscene language?

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  1. aoiffe379 profile image60
    aoiffe379posted 9 years ago

    Once ago there was a saying that 'sticks and stones can hurt my bones but words can never harm me'. Is that saying true? Can one build up an immunity to angry obscenities that use God and mother as an adjective, often in the same breath? Would you speak to the person about such abusive, offensive language or simply ignore the person?

    1. blue dog profile image68
      blue dogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      send them a certified letter. 

      from god, of course.

      1. profile image0
        cosetteposted 9 years agoin reply to this


        i ignore them, unless i am with little kids or something, then i politely ask them to shut the $#%^ up wink

        1. profile image0
          Justine76posted 9 years agoin reply to this

          lol lol

    2. h.a.borcich profile image60
      h.a.borcichposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        I worked management in grocery. One night while I helped out on a register I encountered a man who was calling his wife every obscenity I had ever heard. In line were also an older couple as well as a family with children, and they were very distressed. I calmly asked the swearing man to be respectful of the children. His wife turned to me and said, "free speech". He only got louder and all of us more uncomfortable. When I asked him to leave the store - which was my call - he said it was because I was white and he was black.
      I do my best to avoid people like that, but they have a way of forcing themselves. It is revolting and pathetic. I try to stand up for people verbally attacked - you never know how lost they are and how devastated they really are. Just my opinion, Holly smile

  2. Ohma profile image71
    Ohmaposted 9 years ago

    Mostly I think that people should simply ignore this kind of behavior. responding or replying to it only give the person validation. They are seeking some kind of attention and getting upset gives them that.

  3. Arthur Fontes profile image84
    Arthur Fontesposted 9 years ago

    As a used car salesman I have the most vulgar epithets thrown my way depending on the situation.  I do not respond to screamers I do not respond to the rude. I simply ignore them to wallow in their anger or come to the realization of what a small minded person they were being.  I never have to apologize as I do not feed into the anger enigma.

  4. profile image0
    Justine76posted 9 years ago

    words most certainly can hurt, if you let them.
    I have been guilty of saying the bad word you mention, and its not on purpoose to hurt anyones just comes out by accident becuase I am a lowly human, who gets mad.
    It would be super if everyone everywhere would think of my feelings before speaking.
    I do try, I try so hard, you cant imagine, to think of others feelings before speaking.
    but sometimes I mess up.
    Therfore, when some nasty person says a curse word in my direction, I figure they are having a bad day, and let it go.
    The best way to deal with a person who says bad things?
    remember, they are a human, and are doing the best they can with what they have.

  5. profile image61
    logic,commonsenseposted 9 years ago

    A big smile and a little laugh!  Confuses the heck out of them!

    1. prettydarkhorse profile image61
      prettydarkhorseposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      congrats locic for the so many fans,

      I just shrug it off and say, thank you very much

  6. profile image0
    lyricsingrayposted 9 years ago

    ignore it.

  7. elayne001 profile image82
    elayne001posted 9 years ago

    Sometimes the bad comes out of each of us. I had a negative experience lately where a lady was swearing at me even though I apologized for having bumped her car a little. The fact that she had a small girl with her didn't deter her obscenities any. It was a sad situation and there was nothing that I could have said or done to change her mood. I guess she was having a bad day and I just got in the way. Best to just let them get it out if they must.

  8. ddsurfsca profile image72
    ddsurfscaposted 9 years ago

    I just remind the offender that the only reason people cuss or use obscene language, is because they lack the vocabulary to accurately say what is on their mind.


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