Please Help! Hubscore down to 8!!!!

  1. pspfan profile image55
    pspfanposted 10 years ago

    I just put my second hub online yesterday and it instantly dropped to a score of 8!
    I don't understand why.

    The only thing I could every read about how hubscore is calculated is that "content has to be useful and original".

    The hub in question is:
    The content is 100% original - I know it because I wrote it myself.

    I have got some picture - some video some links.
    Basically everything seems to be ok like in most other hubs.
    Yet it has such a low score and I don't know why.

    I have tried to look at similar hubs that cover my topic and they all look similar in terms of size, language, structure, tagging.
    I thought is was the fact that I have two affiliate links in the text,
    but I found hubs that have a score of more than 90 and contain more the 10 affiliate links (all to the same site) so it can't be that.

    Please tell me what is my hub missing that other similar hubs have got?
    I don't see anything.
    What are the things that are counted when calculating hub score besides original content?

    My other older hub isn't doing much better : hubscore 12!

    Please please help!

  2. Paul Edmondson profile image
    Paul Edmondsonposted 10 years ago

    PSP Music and Downloads is an area we have seen a lot of spam.  Your Hubs had tripped a spam filter that we removed.  If it is a good quality Hub and you see this, this is most likely the cause.

    You should see your scores come up shortly.

  3. pspfan profile image55
    pspfanposted 10 years ago

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for solving this.
    I can imagine what you mean with "spam filters". Sites like Squidoo are seeing more and more spam coming in each day.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to give out some general guidelines on what to do and what not to do?
    I think this would help new authors to avoid certain mistakes that they might make by accident.
    This would not mean revealing how the scoring system works. (Because if everybody knows then spammers could manipulate it) But rather some general guidelines concerning links, keywords, tagging, text length etc.

    I am a developer myself and I know algorithms can get very complex at times up to a point where they might show behavior that was not intended.

    As I am thinking about this right now I cannot keep myself from thinking how I would implement a spam detection system:
    Maybe something like this:

    not unique content (as reported by copyscape): -20
    each affiliate link in hub: -4
    all outgoing links point to one domain: -15
    keyword density > 10%: -25
    high ranking clickbank product name found: -10
    overtagging (more than 50 tags): -1 (for each tag)
    very unrelated tagging: -20

    Things that would increase the score could be:
    - text length (the more text the better it probabaly is)
    - incoming hits from other sources than hub pages (if search engines like it is is probabaly ok) I don't mean incoming links but incoming traffic, since this cannot be manipulated so easily.

    If you need more input and suggestions, just PM me - I would be willing to contribute with ideas if needed.