Tips for plumper lips?

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    yaranazarposted 2 years ago

    Tips for plumper lips?

    my lips is pretty plump, but since the trend of plump lips is out, my lips is nothing compared to them. This actually lowered my self esteem and confidence, because my lips is probably the most attractive thing in my face. Any tips for making it plumper? I would appreciate your help, please don't offend.

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    Jonesy96posted 2 years ago

    Moisturization (chapstick, lip balm, carmex) gently exfoliating dead skin, eating foods that promote collogen growth, not chewing on your lips as it breaks down collogen.

    Makeup is another route, with lipliners and layering lip products to make your lips look bigger. Lip plumping syrums are popular, but some do more harm than good.

    this article might help: … /20883235/