Is there a way to break earnings down by article?

  1. TeriSilver profile image97
    TeriSilverposted 14 months ago

    Is there a way to break earnings down by article?

    I want to see individual performance per article, per day/week/month. I've never been able to find this data on HP and whatever is going on in GoogleLand is a mystery to me.  Is it available (and if so, where) or if not, can we get this done?  Thank you. t

  2. TolovajWordsmith profile image84
    TolovajWordsmithposted 14 months ago

    You can only estimate your earnings per article. If, for instance, one tells a story about Cinderella and you have an Amazon module with a short review of this book and your reports show somebody bought Cinderella, it's very likely the article about Cinderella made you money.

    Or if you have two articles, one with several hundred views per day and other with only a few views per month, the first is very likely performing better at AdSense.

    Or, if one of your articles was moved from hubpages to owlcation and the other to letterpile, you'll have pretty good report about all three sites in your Google Adsense account (views, clicks, earnings).

    But! To have all articles listed and a clear number at each one, all in one place, the answer is unfortunately no.

    Hope this helps.