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Do you keep a record of all the Hubs you write?

  1. Coffeequeeen profile image85
    Coffeequeeenposted 13 months ago

    Do you keep a record of all the Hubs you write?

  2. tsmog profile image82
    tsmogposted 13 months ago

    Not sure completely what is meant by record. But, here is what I do. In my PC I have a master folder for HupPages adventures. In that I have by year these folders:

    2017 Hubs Published
    2017 Hubs Not Published
    2017 Poems
    2017 Helpful Info & Links
    2017 Hub Records & Performance

    In that last folder, I download at least every three months the csv. file of my Hubs from the 'My Account Page'. That is a feature seen above the first column of the Account Page at header 'Edit' above the titles. It will download and if desired can be converted to an Excel file and I save it in that folder. It is just like the Account Page. Thus, I have a record of all Hubs published at HP with current statistics. I can see everything easily and make strategic decisions if desired. And, I can review a particular Hub from one period to another.

    Note: If one has Excel knowledge or learns some basics some neat stuff can be done. For instance, one can do a simple formula for months average for a particular Hub.

  3. CYong74 profile image96
    CYong74posted 13 months ago

    I usually write my hubs in Word and edit them there beforehand. I also sort them by sub folders and sub-sub folders to contain the images. So yes, I do keep a record.

    1. Coffeequeeen profile image85
      Coffeequeeenposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      That's a good idea.  I like the idea of using sub folders.

  4. WordCrafter09 profile image79
    WordCrafter09posted 13 months ago

    I keep multiple copies of everything I've ever written anywhere online with the exception of something like a five- or six- line (or fewer) comment somewhere.  That's not only copies of individual originals but copies of different versions of the same thing.  It's not only copies in my computer(s) but copies in different locations away from them.  It's not only Hubs or other material online.  It's also things like answers I've written here on HP's "Answers" section, forum posts that have enough substance to them to make them worth saving (and my bar for "worth saving" is REALLY low), and anything else that I think I may want to use somewhere else (or just have copies of in case I have some need to prove that I wrote something, or that someone else has posted something I wrote).

    With regard to Hubs, I do keep track (separate from what's on record on within one's HP profile/account) of published-versus-not-published (etc.) Hubs, as well as copies and records on deleted Hubs.

    Of course, keep in mind (even though it doesn't show on my profile under this, my own, name) that I've been writing on HubPages for over nine years now and was writing online (whether for revenue-sharing sites, other sites, or on a "for-hire" type of basis) for a couple of years before that.

    These days I have the older account that's drastically cleaned out and in need of further "cleaning" and this one, which I started sometime not long before "Panda", didn't do much with it, and have never really "set roots down in" because "Panda upheaval" has gone on for a big chunk of the time since it first started.

    Record-keeping for any Hubs I write on here from now on will be much simpler from here on, but when I started doing anything online I had a number of different reasons for thinking it just made sense to keep copies of everything I wrote (no matter how informal or seemingly insignificant).  Aside from the usual "good sense" of keeping copies of one's writing, I'd (a few years before) been sent an "inquiry thing" from an attorney (divorce case') that asked for "copies of all writings" (apparently of any kind).  So, with that still "in the air" I was already in a "keep-copies mode" when I started writing online.

    No matter how much or how little writing is involved, it takes so little time and space to keep records and copies.  It pays to be a little "paranoid" about it when you've put in the care/effort.

    1. Coffeequeeen profile image85
      Coffeequeeenposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Well yes, true.   You're right, it's best to keep records of anything you write online.  I'm only interested as I've been looking around on Hubpages and some people have written hundreds of high quality hubs.