How do you get views on your hubs?

  1. davidos profile image73
    davidosposted 13 months ago

    How do you get views on your hubs?

    I have written and published a few hubs, but they are each only getting 3-5 views. Is there a secret to getting views or having more people exposed to your hubs?

  2. Larry Slawson profile image98
    Larry Slawsonposted 13 months ago

    Simply put, it just takes time to be honest.  When you first start out, the views will come in slowly (but will increase over time).  A big factor for Hub views is the quality of your articles as well.  The better they are, the more they will be viewed.

  3. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 13 months ago

    To expose to more readers beyond HubPages is to use social media. Share at Facebook, Flipboard, Google+ and use Twitter. Some use Twitter too. The most valued traffic with the greatest longevity or constant feed is from search engines like Google.

    There is a bit of an art to gain growth of audience and a steady stream of readers. That is known as Search Engine Optimation (SEO). The goal is to get a high page ranking. In other words where the article is for a search. The basic keys for it are:

    Keywords for the article
    Keyword usage in the content
    Not stuff the article with keywords
    An optimal title around 55 characters with the keyword(s) in it
    And, importantly article quality

    SEO can be complex and a science if researched online. Keep to the basics is recommended for a Hub by most in the forums. BTW . . . you may find more with experience at the Forums with suggestions. I recommend posting in the 'Getting Help from the HubPages Community'.

    Here is a link to a HP article discussing self-optimization … zation-101

    Here is a Link to the HubPages Learning Center. There are other helpful articles there as well there are those posted by Hubbers. Use the Search queue above and peek for them.

    Learning Center: