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What software should I use to check grammar and proofreading of my article?

  1. kevin10love profile image61
    kevin10loveposted 10 months ago

    What software should I use to check grammar and proofreading of my article?

    I checked it using Grammarly it states no error in writing but still, there are some issues when I publish it in hub pages? Can anyone help

  2. nochance profile image92
    nochanceposted 10 months ago

    Then it may be problems with your phrasing, or your content. Maybe your are not providing enough detail about what you are writing about.

    Grammar is just a small portion of what Hubpages looks at when judging your hub.

  3. pen promulgates profile image55
    pen promulgatesposted 10 months ago

    Simple sentences usually don't have problems. The issue lies in complex and compound sentences. Look for such sentences in your article and see if they maintain a parallel structure, and if they agree in subject and verbs usage, and if they make sense and are easy to understand.
    Another alternative is to use the Hemingway editor. It highlights difficult and very difficult sentences.  Although you may have to buy the subscription to correct the errors, but you will still know where the error(s) lie. Good luck.

  4. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 10 months ago

    Grammar is one element of English usage. Grammarly mainly checks punctuation and spelling. It does not check other elements like paragraph structure or article structure.

    Another Free service is Hemingway Editor. http://hubpages.com/help/hub_hop_table#informational

    You can compose your article on it, but it is much easier to compose your article in a word processor software like Microsoft Word. Then, copy/paste the article into Hemingway Editor. They have a desktop download for $20 U.S. but again they have an online Free version. Here is a short article telling about it and what it will do: http://www.techtoolsforwriters.com/hemi … r-writers/

    A key to remember is it won't tell you how to correct. It only points things out.

    Another is ProWritingAid. That is very, very thorough editing service. They have a Free version you have to register to use. I don't know what the limitations are. For instance if it is a trail only version for Free? Maybe not?

    They have a premium version for desktop download that has an annual subscription. Be prepared to receive a very thorough analysis. Again, it only points things out. It doesn't tell how to correct. That is based on the writer's knowledge and experience with English language usage. Following is a link to their page sharing about. There will be a link at the beginning leading to the registration page. https://prowritingaid.com/art/19/Free-W … tware.aspx

    A consideration to remember is those will point grammar and English language structure. They don't point out article structure. A key is the HubPages Quality Assessment Process checks articles two ways. One is digitally. The dashboard at the Editing page of the Hub are some, but not all, of the elements it checks. For instance word, image, and capsule type counts.

    The other way it is checked is it goes through a human outsource known as MTurk. There real people read the articles and using guidelines set by HubPages they rate three different categories for articles.

    Substance - Article structure and English language usage presenting the information. They also look for Spammy Elements

    Organization - Some elements on article structure and main emphasis the construction of the article like the title, subheadings, media, and etc.

    Grammar & Mechanics - Self Explanatory

    To see the guidelines go to this link: http://hubpages.com/help/hub_hop_table#informational

    You will arrive on the guidelines for an informational article

    1. tsmog profile image83
      tsmogposted 10 months agoin reply to this

      Another good reference to review is what is a Stellar Article (Hub), which is what HubPages uses as its model. Here is a link to that: https://hubpageshelp.com/content/Learni … tellar-Hub