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Tax Forms

  1. ControlledChaos1 profile image98
    ControlledChaos1posted 10 days ago

    I finally earned enough in 2017 to turn it into the IRS, but so far HubPages has sent no W-2. When are they usually mailed out?

    1. Christy Kirwan profile image
      Christy Kirwanposted 9 days agoin reply to this

      HubPages does not handle tax forms. You will need to contact PayPal and go through them to find out what you need.

      1. skear profile image98
        skearposted 9 days agoin reply to this

        For others interested in more detail below is what I've found regarding this subject:

        According to PayPal they won't issue a 1099K unless you exceed $20,000 in payments (or 200 payment transactions) in a year.

        https://www.paypal.com/us/selfhelp/arti … ent-faq729

        Since HubPages doesn't issue 1099s anymore and I don't meet the PayPal threshold I've just been reporting the income on my taxes as "other income" in Turbotax to make sure I'm claiming it somehow.

        From my limited understanding of the subject HubPages is not required to issue the forms since the payments are sent electronically via Paypal.

        From the IRS 1099-MISC instructions.
        "Payments made with a credit card or
        payment card and certain other types of payments, including
        third-party network transactions, must be reported on Form
        1099-K by the payment settlement entity under section
        6050W and are not subject to reporting on Form 1099-MISC"

        1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image99
          TIMETRAVELER2posted 9 days agoin reply to this

          Adsense sends out its own 1099s.  I was surprised to get one this year.  First time!

        2. ControlledChaos1 profile image98
          ControlledChaos1posted 8 days agoin reply to this

          Thanks for the info, it really helped.

        3. galleryofgrace profile image81
          galleryofgraceposted 7 days agoin reply to this

          Irs for 1040, Schedule C and Schedule SE. You are self employed and have your own business. you should deduct all your expenses on schedule C.