AdSense question

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    allpurposeguruposted 7 years ago

    I understand it can take a day or two for AdSense to match ads to the content of a Hub, but I was looking at one of my earliest Hubs, and the only ads that look like a good match to me is buried in the middle of the page.

    The article is "History of the Trombone in Brief." The ads visible without scrolling are for a wedding band, an "embouchure exerciser" (which is a reasonably good fit), a Bo-tox alternative, a tour of ghosts in Atlanta, souvenirs from Washington, D.C., and a video for an online degree program in music production (again, not too bad.)

    Three clicks of the scroll-bar down I find Boulder Brass and Download Music for Free--both excellent--and a full color display for cookie recipes.

    It seems to me that I saw an ad for buying trombones where the Boulder Brass ad is. Do they change every time someone visits a page? But the question remains: why, after a few months, are most of the ads so far off target, with the best ones the least visible?

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      yoshi97posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Some keywords generate a lot of relevant ads ... some don't. Google does its best to match advertisers with what you have in print, but sometimes they can't find ads that sync well, as in your experience. In these cases they try to sprinkle in a few that are 'kind of' related, and also might drop in several that have been doing good elsewhere.

      Google does do its best to match ads with articles, as a person reading about trombone is more likely to click an ad about trombones than they are grand pianos, which in turn, generates revenue for Google. However, some topics just don't see a lot of advertisers - and thus - get hit with a few offset ads.

      I hope this helps. smile