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How to set the status of my Amazon

  1. bbpaula888 profile image60
    bbpaula888posted 7 years ago

    Hi! I'm new here.  I just want to ask why my Amazon status says "set".  My Adsense status says "active".  Do I have to do something to set my Amazon to active status? Or is "set" already ok?

    I also want to ask why ebay won't let me put a link on hubpages.  They say that I can only put their link on sites that I own.  But I saw that some of the hubbers here have ebay.  Why can't I do the same?

    Please, please help.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. mausmi profile image75
      mausmiposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Amazon is supposed to say "Set" and AdSense is supposed to say "Active."

      eBay recently changed their rules, so older Hubbers have eBay capsules, but newer users cannot get approved with eBay unless they have their own site:


  2. Flightkeeper profile image72
    Flightkeeperposted 7 years ago

    bbpaula888, welcome to hubpages.  You are fine regarding your Amazon and Adsense setups.  They are supposed to be that way.  I don't have ebay so I don't know.

  3. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 7 years ago

    Here you link to eBay via capsules, which is okay, but you can't paste in your own codes.