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    temberowaposted 8 years ago

    I'd like to clarify to full certinty the character of publishing hubs. Although rules seems to be clear enough, there seem to be some contradictory ones.

    1. What does it mean: "contains largely' content from different site? If I quote someone's article/essey etc. and add comment to it as my original hub content, how much is too much?

    2. After sharing hub content on different websites, it may be obviously used by different users in various ways. How the autor is held countable for unexpected publishing cases etc.? often even without author's knowledge...

    3.How many links can be there if they link to different domains?

    4.What content is defined as "exclusive" to HubPages?

    Thank you for this clarification. I do cherish the fact I can publish through HubPages and would like to not run into ' unclear" situations with publishing hubs. Is there a way, that hub is prompted for possible adjustment when about to be published?

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      AEvansposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      1. Hubpages asks that we write original content meaning we can research and place pur views in our own words, no copying of content is allowed. We may quote but my recommendation is, if you find something of interest contact the actual writer and ask them if you can use there material adding your commentary to there words first. Notate on your hub that it is not copied content and acknowledge the writer by placing there name and link to there exact page in your hub.

      2. If you are sharing your work on another website changing the wording so it does not appear on hubpages as duplicate content which could reduce your score or your hub could be flagged and removed due to duplicate content.

      3. I never use more then two because a hub could be flagged for being over-promotional to one domain.

      4. This is a good question what do you mean exactly by exclusive? I am certain Maddie, Paul, could answer that one I only publish on HP and have been here a long time but I cannot answer that question. smile Hope some of these questions you have asked have been clarified and I am certain other hubbbers will come along and assist you to. smile

  2. mel22 profile image59
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    1.) i would say that EXCERPTS  only from an article to ENHANCE your OWN article is acceptable.. that would probably be a quote  or a few sentences  , probably not even a full paragraph and is etiquette to attribute the source you got the quote or excerpt from and maybe even a link to read the rest of their story or article. But i'm not staff so take for what its worth.

    2.) not sure but most articles have a publish date and creative commons licecse can be placed iand are applicable to most works in the public domain

    3.) only 2 links to SAME domain or 1 RSS to a domain and probably an infinite number of links if to different domains although excess will just clutter article

    4.)i would think "exclusive" means you have not written the same article somewhere else and tried to rearrange in a way that hubpages wont detect as duplicate. They want "original" content not copy and pasted excerpts from multiple articles to make another uniunique article.

    can contact staff directly by hitting help tab  , scrolling to last index on the right of page