Youtube Audio Delay. (Update)

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    artspeckposted 7 years ago

    Success, I final resolved my issue with the audio delay on my Youtube videos.
    The answer turned out to be a simple one, suggested by the young daughter of a friend of mine.
    I had been helping them edit some videos sent in to them by satisfied clients who had used their ag3derm age spot and skin blemish removal cream.
    The voice track had to be correct, as there was some talking directly to camera on two of the videos, and an audio time delay was not acceptable.
    So after some unsuccessful uploading at first, the .mov file was tried, and the rest as they say is history.
    Previously, I have been uploading to Youtube by first converting my finished videos to MP4 format as recommended by Youtube, but this has resulted in my videos having a delay of 10 to 14 seconds on the audio track.
    Her suggestion was that instead of uploading a .MP4 file, I upload as a .mov file.
    Success, all is now well in my little world.
    See the proof at youtube
    Thanks to all who have attempted to resolve this for me with their suggestions, but in the end, the problem was just a matter of changing the saved file to the .mov File instead of .MP4
    I hope someone else can be helped by reading this, and thank you all.