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Does pinging Your Hub Page give it a Higher Google Rank?

  1. jimmyrich profile image50
    jimmyrichposted 9 years ago


    Just wondering if you ping your Hub Page

    say, to pingomatic.com does it increase your Google rank

    or is it a waste of time?


  2. makemoneyonline profile image33
    makemoneyonlineposted 9 years ago

    Not directly. It allows to notify blogs directories that you updated your blog. Since SE loves blogs directories when they are spidered your blog would follow. So Indirectly yes.

    But since many people are doing it I wonder if in the future it will be as efficient smile

  3. charlemont profile image78
    charlemontposted 9 years ago

    SEO techniques come and go, some faster, others stay longer. Who cares now about meta tags? Probably pinging will get obsolete as well, the questions is - how fast and what replaces it.

  4. jimmyrich profile image50
    jimmyrichposted 9 years ago

    Thanks for the replies,


  5. johnr54 profile image50
    johnr54posted 9 years ago

    The advantage to pinging is that for a blog it can get Google to crawl and index it quicker since it notifies one or more directories that you have a new post or page.  It's not really touted as a way to get higher rankiings.

    For hubpages, I usually see them indexed in several hours, because Google is pretty aggressively crawling HP, so there's no real improvement to be had in terms of indexing speed.