Tax Related "Hub" - Very new to this stuff, any help would be great!

  1. rgbrenner profile image54
    rgbrennerposted 7 years ago

    Hi there all,

    I'm very new to creating "hubs" and was wondering if you wouldn't mind taking a look at the first one I made?

    R&G is our tax consulting firm, and I would ultimately like to share our tax knowledge with the community, without "promoting" the site per se, like the community rules say not to do.

    Also, the community rules said to not post a link in this thread, so I believe you can get to the hub through our profile, correct?

    Thanks in advance everyone.

  2. Ohma profile image74
    Ohmaposted 7 years ago

    The hub looks fine but I would be very careful. You are very close to the is it or isn't it spam. If you truly want to share your knowledge of the haws and whys of taxes that is great but I would recommend doing it without the personal advertising.

  3. The10DollarMark profile image58
    The10DollarMarkposted 7 years ago

    I don't think it's close to the spam line at all. Sure you have two links to your website, but it is at the very end of the article, and it's not like the hub is withdrawing information.

    Would be no different than if you had a blog related to taxes and you put the rss feed so people could read recent entries. Not close to the spam line at all.

    That aside, it's a good hub, and - if anything - it's too little monetized.