Helping others help themselves

  1. Aisla profile image77
    Aislaposted 7 years ago

    I would like to start a new group on hubpages forum, How do i do this?

    Here is my idea and i wonder if this is possible?

    Around this time of year there are many people wanting to lose winter weight and a bit extra!
    This is easier said than done for most. I read somewhere recently that at any one given time more than a third of Americans are experementing with one type of diet or other and more than 2/3 of these fail.
    I would like to introduce a hub where people can get help and encouragement free of charge during the tough period of the dreaded diet.
    I can take responsibility for helping with individual plans but i would also like to have some help from others who can instruct on types of food to eat and even if there is someone who can help with weight training etc.
    More often than not the diet fails because the demands are too hard, therefore it is important to look at "The big picture" for each individual.
    Could this work? All ideas and brainstorming welcome.