What is your take on this phrase? God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

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  1. Lady Guinevere profile image60
    Lady Guinevereposted 11 years ago

    What is your take on this phrase?  God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

  2. jackie56 profile image55
    jackie56posted 11 years ago

    God is the Almighty Creator, He created living things and the

    non living things as a witness of His Divinity.

    As human, created by God, we have all the options to live and to

    act accordingly to our wishes and desire,

    Today, life is always on the fast lane, and each one of us

    posses a special skill to live  and enjoy the goodness of living

    our beautiful earth that our God provides for us.

    We must be always responsible for every actions we made,

    our health is our greatest wealth, no matter what we think

    to ourselves, we are the best, in the eyes of God.

    Always belive in  your instinct!

  3. profile image51
    txklcoposted 11 years ago

    The statement above is interpreted as God letting us know that we must not just sit back and let Him do everything for us, but if we are making an honest effort, He will intervene. Yet the doctrine of free will states that he promises to do nothing for us.
    When it is convenient  to explain God's inaction, free will is sited as the reason. Yet on the other hand, we are supposed to believe that he intervenes in believer's lives regularly.
    This form of "doublethink" is rampant throughout religion. It is only one of the many contradictions that make it difficult or impossible for a logical person to be a believer.
    However, if it makes believers feel good it certainly should not bother those of us who do not share that belief.

  4. Torch Harrison profile image76
    Torch Harrisonposted 11 years ago

    God supposedly gave us a brain and freewill.  But there seems to be a lot of folks on the believer's train who think that God is supposed to do everything for them...including being a money tree!

    Ever watch the Word of Faith preachers, prosperity folks who sit and tell you that God just can't wait to make you a millionaire as long as you 'give' to God (and the church) so you can get your reward, straight from heaven?!  I'd say looking at the lifestyles these 'preachers' live, the private jets, vacation homes, lush mansions, expensive jewelry and clothes, luxury cars that God certainly IS helping these preachers who rob their flocks, helping THEMSELVES of their ill-gotten gains for their own vanity!

    I haven't seen God interfere in the various calamities of man...the wars, natural and manmade disasters, genocides...God seems to be a nonplayer in all the drama of life.  Now why do you suppose that is?

    Just remember, God can't do a thing without a human being.  Christianity wouldn't be where it is today without the efforts of Paul and other 'believers' of the early church.

  5. ramkkasturi profile image60
    ramkkasturiposted 11 years ago

    God is within us. No where else. If you are kind and helpful you are as good as God

    . The most important thing in the world is for every one to take care of themselves, be good citizens and not become a burden to the society.  Such people who can look after themselves, their food, their education, their health and everything else help the society by not being burdens. Further, they can help others.
    Such people can be happy and be loved.

    That is why  it is said that God helps those who help themselves.

  6. Dmian profile image61
    Dmianposted 11 years ago

    For me God is the force that drive us to do something with passion  so if you put enthusiams and persevere you are helping yourself you can reach any goal wich one could call a miracle

  7. HOOWANTSTONO profile image60
    HOOWANTSTONOposted 11 years ago

    The saying is  "Man made" and has no reference to God, it is in reality contrary to scripture, and all meaning about God (Jesus Christ), it also misleads people to think that God only helps them that help themselves.
    Whereas, God says "Come unto all who are heavily laden and burdened and I will give them rest" so if its "God helps" then cast your burdens on him he wants them, so he can do the work.....

  8. terced ojos profile image60
    terced ojosposted 11 years ago

    The saying is not biblical but was intended to be read and of course understood in context.

    I believe the saying was meant to communicate that people who strive for their goals with God as the center will most probably achieve their goals.

    Conversely people who are lazy and don't strive for things but might believe in God can expect not to accomplish them and of course God can't help you if you're not at least trying to do something.

  9. the pink umbrella profile image75
    the pink umbrellaposted 11 years ago

    It means dont lay on the couch eating doughnuts, and praying youll lose enough weight to be able to keep up with your kids. Why would god help anyone who didnt bother to do everything they could to make their own dream come true? Hes not going to waste his time on someone who obviously doesnt want their prayer to come true enough to do anything about it.


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