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I want some feedback or suggestions on this hub!

  1. svakanda profile image62
    svakandaposted 8 years ago


    What do you guys think?  Looking forward to hearing your advice.  I would probably write a lot of nutritional / informative hubs.

  2. Lynda Gary profile image55
    Lynda Garyposted 8 years ago

    1)  Your title will likely not draw many readers.  Do a google analytic search to choose keywords that are frequently searched on this topic -- maybe something about bodybuilders, etc.

    2)  Your opening paragraph probably should be a bit more generic.  You hit us with the science a little too fast.  Say something to draw in the reader.  What could you write, for example, that would make me WANT to read this?  Something like "If you are interested in learning how to _______, you'll want to learn about AAK.  Why? Because it's imperative to the health of bodybuilder or anyone who wants to strengthen and tone..."  (I don't know if that is accurate; I just made it up.)

    3)You say, "...and long-lasted pumps"  I think you mean "longer lasting pumps" (tho I have no idea what a pump is!)

    4)  It looks like you created the entire text in one "text" capsule?  If so, break it up.  Then, add a picture along with each text capsule:  text, pic, text, pic, text, pic.  You may want to find a relevant YouTube video to insert rather than a pic, or along with a pic.

    5)  You can add the Amazon capsules and find specific products to try to sell.  Place your product ads to the right, with text on the left.  This narrows the text column in such a way that readers quickly read DOWN rather than over (left to right).  Even with a long article, when a reader feels like he/she is reading quickly, he's more likely to stick with the page.

    6)  There is SO MUCH information here.  I think you'll lose readers (I have this same problem.)  Can you break it into two hubs, and then provide a link between each hub?  Perhaps the first one can be more general info, and the second one more scientific or something.

    This is your 26th hub, so you really should already know most of the above advice.  I'm sorry, but the topics you are writing on (it appears) aren't my thing, so I'm not looking at what you've done on the other hubs (and, you didn't ask).  But, I was surprised to see this is your 26th hub.  (You wouldn't just be fishing for clicks, would you?) wink

    Take care.

  3. Cagsil profile image59
    Cagsilposted 8 years ago

    Besides what Lynda said, I would also focus on your keywords/tags.

    You have a ton of writing on the page, but only have a few keywords. The keywords/tags you have on the side would have to be consistent throughout the entire hub. Then, you could run into problems with GOOGLE looking at your hub as a keywords stuffer.

    I would recommend two hubs or even three, depending on how you want to connect them together, if there is a way. I am sure you are more prepared to handle that decision than I am, because I didn't read it.

    (a) it was seriously too long. It seems like it is almost as long as one of my longest hubs and on the hub I am talking about there are 8000 words with tons of pictures. I am only guessing, because I didn't check the amount of words you have in it.

    (b) check out the forum thread - New Hubbers Resource Thread I setup yesterday. I put many of the different resources I learned from. You are more than welcome to see some of my written hubs to give you an idea.

    Otherwise....that's about it. smile

  4. Falsor Wing profile image80
    Falsor Wingposted 8 years ago

    it was kind of difficult to read, maybe try and be a little less encyclopedia britanica. I think your topic is quite interesting though.