Please check my updated, keyword research method hub.

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    smartwriter1posted 8 years ago … nd-article

    I had not got much readers. So I updated it with good solid information. Please check and tell me if it was useful to you.

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      thranaxposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Its very basic for even beginners here. It is in-depth and somewhat on the long side. I would make it shorter and to the point. Normally whenever I look up Keyword information I want it almost in a list, I have no patience for that type of niche going on and on. [I want to write, not read, and the quicker your hub can tell me how to find keywords the better! (Example)]

      Its currently 668 words, id try to narrow it down to 450-500.


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    Super Chefposted 7 years ago

    Please don't reduce the amount of words in the hub you will rank higher with google and will have a higher score here on hub pages than if you were to reduce these. Maybe move your photos above the first text box and reduuce the video capsule in size and allign it next to the second text box. Consider renaming it to: "Learn How To Use Keyword Mastery & Get More Traffic and Readers To Your Website And Articles"   Just a suggestion but the use of proper grammar and english in your title will also help in ranking higher in the search engines. Also try copy and pasting your text into a text editor like word to use the spell check and grammar check. Hope this helps and have a nice day!!! smile