Jaz Cyfe'

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    JazLiveposted 10 years ago

    This is a shopping page of predominately banners and is still under construction.  My site URL changed from a long URL to a shorter one.  The previous URL was still long in TINY-url.  Many of the banners on the previous site is pending uploading.

    Jaz Cyfe' - http://jazlive.com/cyfe.aspx has something of interest for every member of the family.  Right up to cartoon character clothing and book bags for toddlers.  College student can buy/sell textbook from two sources as well as CDs and video games.  The textbook info helps some student gain more from their college bookstore sell back -  depending on text demand.

    My goal is to carve a niche bridge between cyberspace marketing and brink & mortar retailers.  Several of my best customers and investors loathe computers; however, they love the money they save via my network and I love the "finder fees".