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What am I doing wrong? Right?

  1. allpurposeguru profile image81
    allpurposeguruposted 7 years ago

    I have written 35 Hubs now. I'm looking at my Google Analytics for the past 3 months. I see 601 visits (an average of just under 7 per day) from 429 people. Average page views are 1.44, with a bounce rate of 84.19%. I can only back at AdSense data for one month, but in April I had 161 page views, 1 click, and a .67% clickthrough rate. That's pretty pathetic.

    On the other hand, on.y 4.83% of traffic is direct. Most of it is from referring sites (21.3%) or search engines (72.71%). I think that's pretty good.

    My average score is 62, with a high of 75. There's certainly room for improvement there. My personal score in 86, which certainly seems respectable.

    I don't expect anyone to read all 35 Hubs (although that would be nice!), but I would like several  people to read enough of them to get several viewpoints on how to improve the Hubs, and above all the traffic and revenue. Thanks to all.

  2. AEvans profile image79
    AEvansposted 7 years ago

    I will read a few of them and give you some ideas but it of course is only my perception. I did notice when I went to your profle that your Titles were excellent but in the Fitness category you used the word Aerobics multiple times are you linking your hubs as a series from one hub to another? That is something that I personally do if there is more then one hub. I will be back later to give you my opinion. smile

  3. Internetwriter62 profile image82
    Internetwriter62posted 7 years ago

    I can sympathize, sometimes it is very frustrating when you get very few readers, I have hubs that won't get read no matter what I do to promote them, yet others seem to do well unexpectedly. Do you back link? It helps to back link.

  4. Dame Scribe profile image60
    Dame Scribeposted 7 years ago

    I think you writing is awesome. smile Layout is good. Maybe add a touch of personal humor, a humorous video, and take a good look at other Hubs and pay attention to their tags. Marketing and promoting may seem tedious but it does pay off. smile Use search to find articles on generating traffic and check the forums also. smile Don't be too hard on yourself, you're doin great.

  5. maximille profile image60
    maximilleposted 7 years ago

    I am fairly new myself, even though I joined two years ago I published my second hub just this week. I think your articles are cool and funny, the problem with them is that people either read them or click your links instead of your ad. It's not very "product" specific and people will probably not click on ads if they search for your topic. You offer them cheap solutions that don't need "stuff".
    I could be totally mistaken here, as my hubs have been running far worse than yours so far smile Your search engine results are awesome, as these are people who might click something. Just add more hubs in the mix and try a few different topics. You are very niche specific.