80/20 Rule on Monetised Hubs?

  1. brettb profile image72
    brettbposted 7 years ago

    Hi all,

    I've been on hubpages 3 months now (this isn't my main account).

    It's easy to see that the 80/20 rule applies once again - 20% of my hubs make 80% of my adsense income.

    Do other hubbers see the same?

    Actually it's more like 5/95%!

    I have realised if I build more of the well monetising pages then I would be very wealthy! However, it seems really hit and miss as to whether I can replicate the success of these hubs. Has anyone else done better?

  2. wrenfrost56 profile image83
    wrenfrost56posted 7 years ago

    I have found the same thing so far, mines about 5/95! I struck it lucky with a few but I'm not sure how?! I also find that it takes a while for them to mature, I am being patient with some and trying to optimize the rest. If I work out a 'magic' formular, I'll let you know. big_smile

    1. Marisa Wright profile image97
      Marisa Wrightposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, I find they take a while to mature too.

      Experts like Sunforged will tell you to look at the subjects of your successful Hubs and use the Google Wonder Wheel or Related Searches to find ideas for more Hubs on the same subject.  I haven't got around to it myself!