Still not understanding Hub score

  1. Sandyspider profile image73
    Sandyspiderposted 7 years ago

    Getting close to my one year mark with 46 hubs; my personal score peaked at 89. My highest scoring hub 'Setting Up a Blog on RedGage' peaked to 94.

    As of now my score is 83 and the Redgage hub is 85. My lowest scoring hub is 'St. Patrick's Day T-shirts', at one time that was in the 80s, now is 56.

    Even my "health" hub that had all reached in the 80s (most) are in the 60s.

    I have been told that outside traffic is what counts. But the higher you hub score is, the better chance at being seen by Google.

    And how do you get featured on HubPages?

    Though I can get over 100 HubPage articles in my email within one day, I respond to as many as I can with comments and rating them up. (Giving preference to those you respond to my Hubs) Does any of this count in your HubPage score?

    When your Hub score goes down like this, does that mean that people are rating you down?