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"looking through new eyes" hub, what do you think about it?

  1. YoungWife profile image70
    YoungWifeposted 7 years ago

    I've never been very smart. I was always the one in the back of the class hidding behind the big kid so that teacher wouldnt see me to call on me. The last two years of high school were the only years in my life that i ever got an A. My childhood wasnt excatly what you would call great, or even good for that matter. I was always quiet at home and would keep my lights off so my dad wouldnt think I was home, he seemed to get a thrill out of making my life misserable. School wasnt much better, I had a hard time making friends and a worse time consentrating in class. I would hear the teacher say something and my mind would just run with it. We could be learning about the civil war and the slaves that were saved and only in moments i could see in my head the large greed and white fields spread across the land. I could see the slaves in those fields their faces tired and worn from work, sweat shinning on their dark beautiful skin. Women with babies strapped to their backs as they worked and the slightly older children playing in the dirt of helping. Men working just as hard and sometimes harder theirs dark almost coal like eyes dull and hopeless. I could hear their songs meant to lift their spirits as they worked echoing in my ears. I would all ways snap back to reality with the teacher leaning onto my desk and in my face. Mrs. Barber, was the worst of the worst. She loved to taunt me with my stupidity. She would hand us back our graded papers everyday before we left class to go home. "And Kylee has gotten another F," she would hold up the paper to show the rest of the class and humiliate me with it. It was only the 5th grade but i felt like i was ready to die. A girl came up to me at rescess one day, her blonde hair in pigtales and her light blue eyes compassionate, she told me that she couldnt be caught talking to me because she would get and F for the day. What type of teacher issolates a student like that. She would yell at me for taking so long in the bathroom in front of everyone or make me read something off the board when she knew i couldnt see it from that far away. I hated everything about the woman right down to the roots of her dyed hair. All I ever wanted was to fit in and have friends, that was all i ever dreamed of was to be normal. Whatever the hell normal is anyway. I remember the worst day of my young elementry life, it was the day afters girls night out. You know where they tell you all about your girl parts and how they work.My mom had advised me to take with me to keep in my desk an extra pair of underwear. So i took with me and hid in the back corner of my desk my childish panties with 'Wednsday' printed on the front. Mrs. Barber took the liberty of showing the whole entire class my embarrassing panties. I ran out of the class room and into the hall despite the threats from Mrs. Barber and ended up falling right on my face in the hall. Pam Prat the principle at SkyWay Elementy at the time just laughed and as she walked by she said to me, "Have a nice trip see you next fall." No compassion like, "Are you alright, let me help you up." Nothing like that at all just a cruel joke and i was the punch line.
    Now that I am nearly 20 years old and have graduated from Bridge Academy i find myself fortunate enought to have one of my books on its way to becomeing published and my life has been good and though I still have trouble making or keeping friends i live on with my life. I was diagnosed with ADD when i was in middle school which some people often mix up with ADHD, they are two completely different thing, ADD just means i have a hard time keeping my attention on one thing but i dont have to be constantly moving or bouncing. I just day dreamed alot. Now recently I have learned that i have Asperger's Syndrome, I have been refusing to believe it for a long time and havent been tested but all the signs match perfectly for me. My life hasnt been easy and it might have gone a little smoother if the school would have helped me instead of humiliating me. My life would have been slightly differnt, perhaps a whole lot different. . .we'll know. But I like who I am today, strong and confident. I trust and love many people, I am dependable and loyal to a fault. But that is not to say my life is perfect just that i have the right people with me now. =]

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    torimariposted 7 years ago

    It's a nice piece and has lots of emotion and personal experience in it to back it up. I feel many can relate. There are some grammar issues. 'I' is always capitalized, and you spells some words wrong like 'recess' as 'rescess' and pigtails as 'pigtales.' There were a few others I believe.

    I also think you might want to flow into your ADD diagnosis more smoothly. It is kind of just dropped in there out of no where in the end. I understand you are comparing your supposed stupidity which was apparently ADD in the end...but it's still not too clear. smile

    Otherwise, keep writing and it's a good hub.

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      YoungWifeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      thank you very much for your input, i am not a very good speller to begin with but i type so fast that my fingers sort of get away from me sometimes so, i suppose I should slow it down. Thank you very much for your advice.

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        Marisa Wrightposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        YoungWife, there's a spell checker on your Hub.  Just save your text capsule, then open it again and look for the red underlines.

        To get advice on a Hub, post a link to it in this forum - don't re-post the whole Hub. 

        Welcome to HubPages.

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    IzzyMposted 7 years ago

    What a rotten school time you had...if I was you I would name and shame the school -I'm not a teacher but if I was I think I'd feel the hackles rising too - no school should treat a pupil the way you were treated.

    Way to go on the writing kid! You'll do OK and welcome to Hubpages smile

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      YoungWifeposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      thank you very much, ya school was rough first 3rd grade then 5th but i have always dreamed of telling her just what she did to me in person. ha ha. But because of my experiences my mother has made me the go to person at my little brother & sisters schools, when the teacher is stepping out of line, mom sends me in ha ha. I am pretty thrilled with the life I am leading now, soon to be married to the most magnificent and brilliant man I've ever met. My career is taking off and my family is finally proud of me for something smile My younger siblings look up to me and I find myself giving them relationship advice ha ha. I feel pretty fortunate now and I have learned through all that has happened to me that I am worth more than how I was treated and always gone out of my way to help anyone and every one. Because my goal is to never have anyone have a bad memory about me. smile