Hubpage friends - please help me make my dream a reality by voting.

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    med420posted 9 years ago

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    Hello Hubpage Friends,

    I started hubbing back in January, and Iâ��ve got 20 hubs published.  My personal favorites are my Travel China Guide and my hub on flood insurance. 

    I am posting here to ask for your help.  I entered a contest a few months ago as part of a team.  The contest is being put on by Bang Ventures, a Boston based venture capitalist firm. 

    Well we made the finalists!  Out of all the entries, a judging panel that includes the VP of and Red Sox pitcher Curt Shilling, picked our idea.  So now I am asking for your help so we can win the contest and make our idea a reality.  To help out you can vote for us. 

    Here are the instructions:
    1.       Go to
    2.       Register to vote by clicking Join and creating a profile. 
    3.       Click on the finalists tab and select us (
    4.       Watch our video to learn more about our idea and Vote!  (you don't have to watch the video to vote) 
    5.       Vote by filling in all five stars on our icon.  You will know you have voted when all five stars are green!  Thatâ��s it. 

    There are 20 finalists and the three finalists that receive the most votes will be funded by Bang Ventures and get the opportunity to launch a company and make their idea a reality.  For more information on the contest, our idea and to meet my team, you can visit our blog â��