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The Dream: what does it mean?

  1. futonfraggle profile image82
    futonfraggleposted 9 years ago

    I used to write my dreams down in a journal a few years back, but I quit until I started having weird dreams recently. I just woke up about 10 minutes ago from the strangest dream that left me feeling startled. What the heck could it mean?

    In the dream, I can not sit in the car that's being driven by mother (deceased) for unknown reasons, but theres another me--a twin? (I don't have one)--in the car with her. She insists that I ride alongside her on a motorized bike (I've never driven one) around all of these narrow bends in the road....like a coastline but I can't see a coast or anything for that matter.

    As we drive around the bends, I realize that the road is too narrow for both of us. I see that I'm on the edge of the road, driving so WAY too closely to the edge of the cliff. I can't see how far the drop-off is because it's covered in fog.

    Suddenly, the fog covers everything, neither my mother nor I can see the road. I'm screaming "mon I can't see!" and shes yelling back "take my hand, take my hand" but I never reach out because I know that if she goes over, I will too.

    In the dream I WANT to grab her hand, but I foresee what's going to happen: we both go over the edge and I topple and smash repeatedly into the vehicle on our way down to the bottom. In the dream I know that I'm imagining the scenario, but my heart is PUMPING because it feels so real and I'm petrified because I can't see and I have to make a decision: grab her hand or not......and then I wake up.

    WTF was THAT about?

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    terrygposted 9 years ago

    Cars being in your dreams often means freedom, driving a car you are in complete control and can travel to wherever you choose. The opposite can be said if the driving is erratic and out of control, a complete reflection of your life.

    Fog is a difficult symbols as it could mean you cannot see clearly the direction in your life or the answer to an issue. Being in a fog you cannot see where to go and causes you to be confused where on the other hand you have to get out of the fog and take a new path in areas you are unfamiliar with.

    Road as you would expect is leading to somewhere. There are straight and winding roads, steep or downhill slope roads. Roads generally depict the direction your life is taking.

    I wrote a whole website on this. Very fascinating subject.

    I have quoted MY content.

  3. Inspirepub profile image78
    Inspirepubposted 9 years ago

    Is there any sense in which your mother's life goes in a direction you would not want to follow?

    I can hear a sense of been torn between love/loyalty to your mother vs the desire to do what's best for you in your life.


  4. Lifebydesign profile image62
    Lifebydesignposted 9 years ago

    Mind if I have a go futonfraggle at some kind of interpretation? (btw I love dreams). I'll just give you a sense of what these things in your dream might mean and then see what the dream's telling you overall.

    Okay the car is akin to how you travel in life. If it's a crap car for instance then you're not driving yourself through life in the best possible way. And where you're seated in the car is also important. Are you driving or is someone else? If you are then you're in charge of where you're going. Its your mom in this case. A motorcycle however is a more independant, edgier means of transport. Here you're on your own and she's encouraging you to travel in your independant way, but insists on following alongside her.
    Roads in dreams usually represent our own road in life, and the condition of the road can be a clue to how we're going. For myself whenever I dream of the islands and gravel unpaved roads I know I'm getting a little bit 'naive' in my thinking and not being so savvy- I kind of figured this out for me. But in general the principles are the same.

    Coastline- not sure, but somewhat significant because coast implies water, and water/sea generally implies emotions. But you don't mention the ocean so perhaps you aren't in touch with them yet, or its not real clear to you. (If the sea's rough there's some emotional upheaval, if seas are calm, you're calm).

    So the road's running out, and both of you can't fit. It's as if: what part of your mom that's been guiding you, or wanting to guide you, do you have to let go of now as you continue on your road in life? The fog represents lack of clarity, foggy thinking, not seeing it clearly- you can't see where you're going.
    You're at some point of decision in your waking life. Do you do what you've been doing all along ie following alongside your mom's guidance, or do you reach out and go your own way? Mother's in dreams can be our own mom, but generally represent the inner maternal part of us that rescues, comforts, saves and nurtures us.
    Overall it seems to represent that part of trying to get out of a comfort zone (the part of you that wants to stay/play safe is overwhelmingly represented with your twin, mother, car).  You're torn between something you know is 'safe'  but will topple you and lead to a 'disaster' over the cliff. Or going on into the fog not sure what's there and where the road goes. The known vs the unknown. The crunch is the road getting narrower and you have to make a decision, and its a scary one.
    You'll know what this pertains to in your waking life, especially as you say, you've been getting these wierd dreams.

    Got a little carried away there :-) anyhow good luck with everything and hope you get to the bottom of it!