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Linking just for the traffic of the links,,,

  1. Bill Manning profile image74
    Bill Manningposted 7 years ago

    I've seen a lot of post on here about all this linking stuff to get your hub or blog or whatever to rank better with the SE's. But what about getting links purely for the traffic of the links?

    I get over 2,000 hits a day on a site of mine just from the links. Most links I get I do it primarily for the traffic, not for Google or any other SE.

    In fact it's kind of nice to just rely on my links and not worry about how high I'm ranking on SE's, that gets to be a pain.

    I'm just saying don't forget to get links just for their own traffic, not for Google. smile

    1. netlexis profile image72
      netlexisposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Traffic is always good, too. What's your strategy, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Misha profile image77
    Mishaposted 7 years ago

    That's the part I could not master so far. smile

  3. dgicre profile image82
    dgicreposted 7 years ago

    I am new to linking and Bill your post comes at a good time. What is the best way to go about linking to other sites? I have built a few sites only to watch them wither at the vine and I am hear to tell you it gets frustrating to say the least.....

  4. Bill Manning profile image74
    Bill Manningposted 7 years ago

    Well, you know how the hard work normally pays off in the end? This is true with linking. It's a pain in the ass, takes tons of time and is very frustrating, but in the end it's well worth it.

    To get good traffic from links, here's what I do. Start typing in the key words you want to rank for in Google. Click on all the sites that come up in the first 10 pages.

    Check out the sites and see if they look like a good site to exchange links. By that I mean, do they have "friends" links in their sidebars on the main page?

    Or do they have a "links" page you only find in the footer? Those are worthless. You want to get a link that is easy to find from the home page, if not right on the home page.

    If it looks good then email them and ask if they want to exchange links with you. If they are smart they will say yes. You can do ABC linking.

    That means, you can give them a link from your blog, and in return they link to your hubpages hub, other site you have or whatever.

    Those links are better than back and forth linking. I have one site where I have around a few hundred links. But not all on one page.

    If you have a blog, make different categories and use different sidebars on each category. Then link to other sites that match each category.

    That way you can have many links without making your site look like crap. Or, exchange blog post. Let someone make a post with their link in it, and you do the same with theirs.

    There's lots of other ways too. But it takes time and lots of false starts as you wait for them to get back to you. Hope that helps. smile

  5. jenblacksheep profile image80
    jenblacksheepposted 7 years ago

    I thought the idea was to get one-way links, so that you're not reciprocating???

    1. Bill Manning profile image74
      Bill Manningposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Why? What I'm talking about is getting traffic from the links, not doing it for ranking. So for that swapping links is fine.

      However like I said, you can do ABC linking. They link site A to your site B. You link your site B to their site C. So your not directly doing a swap, which can be seen as not as good to Google.

      But you need to keep who your linking to in your subject matter. Linking a cake store site to your auto repair site not only gives you worthless traffic, Google also sees it as worthless.

      1. jenblacksheep profile image80
        jenblacksheepposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        I'm kinda doing both. I'm looking for links for the ranking but also if I can link somewhere where I'm gna get traffic then all the better.

  6. Pcunix profile image91
    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    Consider this also.

    If you are giving me a link to something that really is of value, I may be happy to link to it without reciprocity.  In fact, with me thats usually the case:  if it's of value to me, I'm happy to have it and need nothing in return.  If it isn't, well, it isn't, and I'm not interested at all.

    At my site, and at many others, if you give me an article that I accept for publication, you'll get all kinds of links.  Thats a bit more work, of course.

  7. Richieb799 profile image76
    Richieb799posted 7 years ago

    I tend to use links just for the traffic they bring, it helps a lot

  8. DonnaWallace profile image75
    DonnaWallaceposted 7 years ago

    That's a very good suggestion; thank you for bringing it up. I'll have to look into that too.