More stupid 911 calls

  1. brimancandy profile image80
    brimancandyposted 7 years ago

    I was reading another post where a lady called the police so that her kid would get up and go to school. Well, here's an even more retarded one.

    A lady repeatedly called 911 emergency because she needed a husband. She called like five timnes in a row, until the cops went to her house and arrested her. She got 30 days in jail for making false 911 calls, yet claimned she was dead serious, even though she was drunk.

    Back to the kid not going to school. In my home state they may pass a rule at a certain highschool to get the police involved if kids do not get good grades, or fail to graduate. The plan is to deny them a liscense to drive until they better their grades or complete highschool. And, get parents involved in taking away things like their computers, and cell phones.

    All this because the school district has one of the lowest grade averages in the entire country. And, they think getting the police involved is going to suddenly get kids to learn?
    It seems to me that it would do exactly the oposite.

    Like kids want "the man" telling them what to do. Not only that, but it will probably make kids resent their parents for going along with such an idiotic scheme. And, will more than likely make kids who are getting good grades the target of resentment, as they will not be punished. Yet I'm sure their parents will be the first to complain when things don't go as they plan.