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Last try

  1. protjack profile image52
    protjackposted 9 years ago


    this Hub:


    has now been marked as substandard (no warning, but actually marked). I've read all the rules a few times and I don't see why it was marked as such.

    Please, because of all the people who want to write on HubPages, say exactly why this is the case.

    I thought this place was about free speech (until offending someone, which I didn't do, but others did offend me).

    Thank you.

  2. Mark Knowles profile image60
    Mark Knowlesposted 9 years ago

    This is copied from hubpages' "help," section.

    My hub was flagged as substandard, what does that mean?

    Substandard simply means that the quality of the hub does not live up to HubPages standards. Below are some common reasons that a hub may be flagged as substandard:

        * "Test" or otherwise unfinished hubs
    * Very little content
        * Unoriginal or purely personal content
        * Contributes nothing new in a heavily saturated topic
        * Many broken links or links to low quality sites
        * Links with deceptive or inaccurate link text
        * Missing videos

    I have highlighted the part that probably applies to you.

    I wasn't having a dig at you earlier, I was trying to explain why you had those messages. As were a lot of other people. smile

    The search engines will not "see" that little content. They are not my rules, nor are they my search engines.

    You need more words than that to be acceptable quality content.

    Why not put 50 poems on the same page?

  3. protjack profile image52
    protjackposted 9 years ago

    Mark, thanks.

    But, please, read this - it's interesting.

    None of my other Hubs that have the same amount of content were marked that way and they are displayed for many, many days (months, I guess). No problems at all with them.

    The only Hub that was censored in a matter of hours was a Hub that is, only apparently, about another Hub writer (actually, it's about something completly different, and that's the message). As soon as I published that, the censorship came.

    How come?

    I believe in HubPages and I believe they will do the right thing in this, maybe, small matter (small  things point to big things often).

    p.s. Just one thing, please don't let me see all my Hubs marked this way after this message, that would truly be very... let's say, indicative.

    1. Uninvited Writer profile image83
      Uninvited Writerposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Just because someone may vote down your hub does not mean it will be removed. It takes more than one flag and the opinion of the moderator...

  4. Maddie Ruud profile image78
    Maddie Ruudposted 9 years ago


    I suggest you email me privately regarding the moderation of this hub, and with any additional concerns you have on this topic.  You've now started several threads on the subject, and it's becoming redundant.  There's nothing more for the community to gain by any more public discussion.  Please email team@hubpages.com to inquire about the removal of your hub, and we'll deal with this matter between the two of us.


    NOTE: If you start any more new threads on the subject, they will be removed.