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Should you focus on one optimization method or two?

  1. lilacgirl77 profile image59
    lilacgirl77posted 7 years ago

    I've seen several Hubbers mention that it's best to focus on AdSense in order to maximize AdSense earnings.  That makes sense.  But others mention making much more from Amazon, eBay, or other affiliates than AdSense. 

    So what are your experiences?  Do you recommend focusing on several types of revenue streams or just AdSense?


    1. Garrett Mickley profile image81
      Garrett Mickleyposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I believe in focusing on one - Per Hub.

      For example: I have hubs about World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 and other video games.  Those are focusing on AdSense.  Yes, they have Amazon modules (just in case), but I don't expect to get any sales there, just ad clicks (and I do!).  But on another hub that is focused on Cuponk, I focus on selling Cuponk toys (though no guarantee on how good of a job I did at that).

      It seems to me that informational hubs do better with adsense, and for selling amazon products, you want to be informational but have selling points, like you're trying to make a sale (but not so obviously that it's obnoxious).

      Just my experience though.

  2. profile image51
    MaxSerafinaposted 7 years ago

    I would generally use adsense for informational hubs and adsense or ebay for more product oriented hubs.

  3. Pcunix profile image93
    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    Funny, I was just thinking about that.

    My main website has a sidebar where I run Amazon or Chitika or Adsense.  In the past, I have just randomly decided which to run, but I was thinking just a minute ago about adding code that would let me control which was displayed and in what order.

    I know that probably leaves most of you confused, but I separate data from presentation so that I can quickly make sweeping changes like this without hand editing files.  I can change the look of my website in seconds because of that.

    I definitely agree with the idea - just haven't taken the time to do it.

  4. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    I personally use both.  There is no point in limiting yourselves to one tpye of traffig group when you receive several.

    Some pople will be looking for information, others will be looking to buy.

    If you just provide on option you will lose revenue from teh other group.  If you provide both options you might earn a little more from adsense/amazon, however it will not match up to the amount you could have earned had you catered for both.

  5. livewithrichard profile image83
    livewithrichardposted 7 years ago

    thisisoli is right and its not hard to optimize for both. You just have to make sure you are writing about a topic that people are searching for. If you do that it will be easier to earn from both Amazon and Adsense.  Unless you are already a member of the EPN(eBay) or have your own self-hosted website don't even worry about that method of monetization here on HP.

  6. nikmaya62 profile image61
    nikmaya62posted 7 years ago

    I think It would be better to focus on Adsense, beside you have to put Amazon capsule in your hubs. Choose the high paying keywords through your research and put it on your tittle. You will get more on your Adsense revenue. To optimize your Amazon, you have to put it on the potential place so that the reader will be easy to see the Amazon product. You can also put it on the right bar so that you can give a color background to the capsule (I recommend you to choose the blue color).